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When you consider that Americans each spend $4,000 per year on home improvements, it becomes obvious that reaching this lucrative market is a challenge not to be missed.
It’s a big business opportunity for an SME.

Project Background

Michigan-based Whitehall Products, a World leader in home address plaques, wanted to further penetrate this lucrative home improvement market by convincing garden centres and garden / home retail outlets to carry their lines of personalised address plaques.

To make this work, Whitehall first had to develop their back-end service, so that regular shop staff could easily take an order for a custom made address plaque.

A streamlined system was developed that actually made it easier for garden centre colleagues to take orders.

They did this by replacing the traditional consumer buying process with a 1-2-3 step process that is easy for store staff to learn and apply.

A unique value proposition for garden centres was also developed, whereby garden centres could turn their cash round faster.

The only thing left was figuring out how to deliver this message in a short snappy way that would make garden centre owners and buyers want to stock Whitehall address plaques.

And this is where video came in.

Or to be precise: Infographic Explainer video.


How it happened

Jim Holz, Whitehall’s Vice President, had a clear vision in mind before he started video production.

He didn’t want to produce the kind of custom address plaques video of the sort that consumers might see on youtube or on a home page.

He felt his newly refined value proposition needed an animated video of some sort

– something that could explain the proposition in the least possible time and in the clearest possible way

– showing the clearest possible financial advantage to the retail buyer.


The infographic video production process

Key to the production of infographic video is the use of Whitehall’s existing illustrations and materials.

We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, merely re-imagine it.

Whitehall’s inhouse visuals were supported by image library graphics which we were able to source for them.

Colour and style theming perfectly matched Whitehall’s corporate style.

The voiceover selected was a female US accent, spoken in a style that garden centre owners would be familiar with from watching shopping tv channels.

The results

Taking only a few weeks to produce, the video was quickly put in front of as many garden centre owners and buyers as possible.

CEO Jim Holz said “Great story – you have captured the essence of the new product range.”

In fact, the video was so successful that Jim commissioned us to produce another infographic explainer video specially designed to penetrate the UK market – a new venture for them.

Roger Buter, Whitehall’s CFO, paid us a great compliment by visiting our NW UK studio on his research tour to expand into the UK marketplace.

This is maybe finest compliment an overseas customer can pay a video studio – a personal visit.

Overall the project shows how an ambitious SME can penetrate the US market coast to coast as well as expand into the UK and Europe

– by innovating with animated video.


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