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Q: We’re a small contractor of 80 employees working within the Housing Sector.

We’re successful, but we’d still like to win more deals.

Our competitors are also getting lot sharper with their high flown corporate flannel

We’ve recently updated our website to reflect our business better, and now we’re thinking of a business presentation, something professional that will impress our housing sector clients better than our competitors.

Company manager
Housing Contractor

A: Wanting a business presentation to win more deals automatically implies that you don’t just want to win on price.

I don’t blame you for this. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.

But how do you convince a hard-nosed purchasing manager that you offer more value for money than Mr Cheapie round the corner, or Mr Corporate with his “high flown corporate flannel”?

Enter stage right: The professional business presentation!

The problem with a business presentation is that you can’t say that much without it becoming long winded and boring.

You have to keep it brief.

I’d suggest you nail down three points to clinch it for you.

As a housing contractor, I’d stress:

> Your great track record

> You deliver what you promise to deliver

> Your involvement in the communities where you work

Each of these points covers a layer of the requirement for winning.

Great Track Record

You have to prove customer satisfaction.

You have to prove how few complaints you get

Prove to-time and to-budget

Prove how your investment in a new IT system makes it easier for people, and better for clients

Demonstrate your track record (without sounding like a poser) and a Buyer might start believing you (buyers never believe anybody!)

You deliver what you say you’ll deliver

Buyers never believe people who say this either.

But if you present the info in the right way, then it might just work.

I’d suggest you convince on the three following points

We deliver

The Right Person

To The Right Place

At The Right Time

This makes for a better argument than simply trying to convince that you’re always on time and budget.

Right person, right place, right time is exactly what the purchasing manager is looking for – every day of your contract.

And it offers an umbrella to tell your whole scope and capability in these terms.

Involvement in the communities where you work

Housing is all about people. So you have to prove that you kiss babies!

Sorry. I’ll rephrase that.

You have to demonstrate an understanding of the community – its needs from a housing contractor point of view.

Talk about your customer surveys, roadshows, open days, sponsorships, awards, community contributions and interactions of any sort etc

Demonstrate a responsible and responsive attitude.

Prove you kiss babies.

It’s not the clinching argument.

But when the buyer has to choose between a baby-kisser or a corporate flanneller, then guess who gets the job!

Delivering your business presentation

Ensure your business presentation has lots of opportunities to be seen, Don’t keep it a secret.

> Stream it on the web

> Offer it as a download

> Offer it as a “gift” on a flash memory stick

> Give away talking brochures on cd

> Give all your reps and managers a copy for their laptops

> Have it autolooping in your reception area.

It’s vital that your great presentation gets seen wherever possible.

I go into more detail on it

Ensure your presentation is flexible too, so that you can customise it to different customers and situations.

And ensure that it has great graphics, animation, music and voiceover – or even video.

The right business presentation will win you more deals.

© Studio Rossiter 2008

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