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When you're preparing to launch a new product, you're probably looking for a unique angle to promote it

- something that'll really stick in the heart of your customers.

And you didn't get to where you are today by just copying your competitors!

So for your next product launch, you need something that's:

Unique, Contemporary & Inspiring.

But most of all:

It must be effective

Animation sounds like it could fit the bill - but when you look closely, there are so many different styles & choices of animation to choose from.

So what type of animation is right for you?

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the different approaches:


Character Animation

Character animation can be used effectively used in two different ways:

1. If you and your team are central to your product or service - animated characters can really capture the spirit of what you do.

2. If the customer experience is at the forefront of your solution - a likeable character can demo the customer journey and make you want to experience it for yourself!

Whichever route you choose, your audience will love animation & cartoons. Everyone does.

There are also big differences between 2D and 3D character animated styles to discover.


Explainer Video & Infographics

Explainer videos really come into their own when used to explain your processes - or to showcase your stats.

But what is an explainer video?

In short:

> It's your story told through motion graphics

But really, it's whatever you and your team want it to be.

It's your chance to get into the mind of your customer and make the video that will connect with them.


3D Animation

If you have a highly technical product - or a complete built environment - and your audience need to see what it really looks like, then 3D animation will bring it to life

- massively differentiating you from the rest of the market

- while perfectly showing your audience why your product is superior.


And Finally

If you think an Explainer video could be the new product launch solution you're looking for, why not head over to our animation page to see some sample promotions.


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