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Q: I want a short video presentation (3-4 minutes) to play on repeat at my company’s stand at a conference event.

What sort of budget would be needed for such a project?

Your help would be very welcome.

Head of Marketing
Public Relations Agency
South East England

A: If you want a good quality, professional corporate video presentation you are going to need a budget of £3,500 to £5,000.

It’s possible to get your video for less, but you will get less of a video.

It’s important you get a corporate video presentation that can be a key part of your marketing strategy for several years.

You don’t want a video presentation that will be used just for a single conference, exhibition or seminar in 2011, but one that continues to attract new customers at every touch point right through to 2014 and beyond.

If your business only intends to use it specially for a single event, such as an exhibition or conference, perhaps you should look at using a multimedia presentation.

A multimedia sales presentation has a cutting-edge and high impact look to attract customers at that kind of event, and will probably cost less than what a full corporate video would.

Multimedia presentations may need professional programming and design skills, but they minimise on expensive video shoots, and all the hassle of filming, booking video crew.

This option may well give you more bang for your buck!

Why don’t you take a look at some of our sales presentations:

An auto-loop variant of this style of presentation would be perfectly suited to a conference arena and audience.

Put this on a big screen at a conference, its high impact and straight to the point style will catch and hold the attention of potential clients.

As an alternative to a video presentation it’s worth consideration.

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