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Q: We’d like a company to produce a series of animated web videos to explain our business services.

We know a local freelance editor who claims she can produce these for us quite cheaply.

While the price is undeniably attractive, I’m still uncertain if I should buy from her.

What do you think?

Business Services Consultancy

A: A professional web video company provides certainty.

They have the website. They have the portfolio. They have the experience.

And they can provide evidence of this as and when you ask for it.

Can your freelancer provide the same?

Maybe. They can certainly provide a cheaper service.

But the word ‘cheaper’ seldom means better value.

What you really want to do is pay less for more.

Before you agree anything with your freelancer – ask yourself:

> “Will a be paying less for more?”

> “Or will I be paying less for less?”

What a professional video production company can bring to your animated web video

You can almost guarantee that a professional video production company will have state of the art equipment.

If they don’t – they shouldn’t call themselves professional.

This is very important when it come to animation.

What is state-of-the art computer generated animation created on an expensive high-tech PC is seen by a modern audience as ‘the norm’.

If you’re wanting your animated web video to be a one time investment then you want it to:

> appeal to the high expectations of a modern audience

> and be future proof.

It has to stand the test of time.

Not only can a professional video production company do this – but they will prove to you they can do this.

By showing you their past work and – in the early stages of production – a schedule detailing the exact step-by-step process they’ll be working towards.

Can your freelance animator (or is it just editor?) do that?

The last thing you want to be doing is buying a new freelance video every year.

The freelance market

In recent years, basic production equipment and editing software has become relatively cheap.

Non-professionals purchased these things and started doing freelance work as a ‘sideline’.

This is all well and good for novelty events.

People who want a film made for their wedding or birthday and are looking to save money tend to use freelancers.

They are a cheap solution.

And freelancers work just fine for them.

But they don’t work well for business.

You’ll already have an idea of what you want your videos to look like.

But I’m guessing you’ve yet to develop a script.

If you’re going with a freelancer, make sure you have one.

Freelancer’s don’t do scripts – or storyboards.

A lot don’t even provide a schedule.

This is – after all – probably their part time job.

So it’ll be done when it’s done.

And then there’s the animation – make sure you scrutinize their portfolio.

And if they don’t have a portfolio to scrutinize – bid them a polite but firm “goodbye”.

Choosing between the freelancer or video company for your web video

If you want to make a short-term investment and are not particularly bothered about quality or reliability – then a freelancer is the right choice for you.

If, on the other hand, you want something that will work and last – go for the video company.

The extra cost is an investment worth making.

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