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Q: We need a short corporate video for online video classified advertising and website

Offshore Engineering Company

A: We recently brought out a new video product, the 60 second Instant Credibility marketing video which may well fit the bill for what you want.

Here’s the product page in case you missed it when looking around the site:

It’s designed to deliver corporate credibility in 60 seconds.

It’s very flexible and can be played:

> On your website, like YouTube

> In an email

> On an online classified advertising page, with a smaller version option available if space is an issue

> As part of your powerpoint presentations

> As a DVD at conferences, exhibitions and seminars

> As a loop play in your Reception area, or on a show stand.

Because the Instant Credibility marketing video is animation-and-text-based, with such a visual message you don’t have to have the sound switched on to appreciate what the video is telling you.

This is important when your online viewer hasn’t speakers, or you’re in a public place such as an exhibition stand where there are restrictions on how much noise you can make. The same applies to your own Reception area.

An eye catching video that can tell its story without sound works wonders in these situations.

Also consider that the Instant Credibility video has a very persuasive style.

This is partly due to the fact that originally scored music is used. Using high quality music wins people over. In addition, when music is commissioned, you can get exactly the style you want.

For example we recently produced a 60 second corporate video for a company in Newcastle. Their soundtrack was based on Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Two Tribes, a powerful and pulsing 80s hit. The effect was electrifying. And the unacceptably high cost of using the original track was avoided.

Pricewise the 60 second Instant Credibility corporate video is value too.

While the runtime minute cost is necessarily high (because so much work goes into it), the programme is so short that it can easily end up costing less than many corporate videos, while excelling at the same job.

Since web advertising and online promotion is a primary use for the video its short runtime is ideal. No one watches long corporate videos on the web. One minute will do fine here.

Hopefully the 60 second marketing video is just what you need for a short corporate video designed for playing online on websites.

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