Setting your Corporate Video Objectives

Before you start producing a corporate video for your business, it’s important to know it’s objective – so you’re always working towards an achievable goal.

Video is becoming more and more popular for business – so you may be tempted to just ‘jump on the bandwagon’ and get one because you know you should have one. 

But it goes deeper than that – you need to know exactly why you’re getting a business video, what do you want it to achieve. 

If you have no clear objective, it will end up too generic and not perform highly enough.

At the most obvious end of the spectrum:

  • Is it for a specific tender that you would like to win?
  • Or is it less defined, ie you want more sales, or you want an increase in subscriptions?

Once you have a target in mind, it’s much easier to figure out how to reach it. 

To help you to achieve your objective, you need to know the audience, who is likely will watch the video, and who is likely to be interested in it?

Try and keep the message for 1 single audience. One video trying to speak out to two or more different audiences with differing agendas isn’t likely to work unless you keep it as a very general brand oriented message – which is good if you have a powerful brand, but it’s very ‘Me-too”.

You kind find more ideas on video here.


To help meet your video objectives, it starts with the script – so you need to know these kinds of questions before you start production.

  • What are your 3 big benefits that show how your offer solves their problem?
  • What are your 3 biggest market niches that generate the bulk of your income?
  • What are your 3 unique differentiators that set you apart from competitors?
  • What is the biggest sales obstacle / customer objection you have?

The script writer will use this detailed information to make sure that the core video message is completely aligned with both your objective, and the target audience for the video. 

So from the start of the video you have clear objectives and USP embedded.


The look of the video will follow after, and if you use a professional company, it will look great.


2016 Digital Video Guide


Thinking about these in depth video questions will help you to put the video in the full marketing picture for your company – making sure that the final video is not a bad surprise, or just underwhelming in its ROI, and really results in your business objectives being met.



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