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Q: We’re looking for a 5 mins scope and capability corporate video in Oxford Science Park.

Marketing Manager
International IT Process Company

A: What you do is interesting. You make companies run better by examining all their processes, and then optimise these processes through a web-based interactive IT platform.

In effect, everything that a company does gets put on the web so that decision-making is clearer, and processes are more transparent, better managed, and cheaper. Fascinating stuff.

Points that spring to mind for a suitable scope & capability video are:

> The need to awaken companies to the need for what you offer

> The need to show that what you do is enterprise-wide scale, and more than just a departmental fix

> The need to demonstrate in a simple easy way how your systems work, and indeed work better than existing non-web systems

The other key point is that what you offer is BIG. You need a “C level” presentation.

For those who aren’t familiar with C Level presentations, here’s the quick & dirty.

C level means Chief Executive, or board level.

A Chief Exec is looking to evolve the shape of a company to become bigger, better and more profitable. A Chief Exec is looking for relatively big change compared to, say, a departmental or divisional manager who is more concerned with managing day-to-day processes and keeping within budget.

All this leads me to suggest that graphics are very necessary for this scope & capability video.

Using graphics mixed with video, you can overlay animation, arrows and charts and other dynamic representations of the new processes you offer, over the old processes that are already in place.

For example, you could show a pastiche of video showing an old-style decision/process chain with lots of different people involved.

Then overlay a graphic animation showing the new-style chain of events.

This will demonstrate at a glance how you simplify everything with few IT strokes.

If there was a clock in the corner of the screen, you could also quickly demonstrate the speed at which your new-style web systems operate, compared to existing systems, which are bound to be slower.

Further graphics will be needed to show how you join up all the component parts to provide a C Level overview of the company’s processes, with all its decision-support implications.

That’s the basic idea – graphic overlays over video to show process improvements, with graphics over video to show the high level overview this produces.

Not only will this graphic/video approach be exciting to watch, but there will be lots of opportunities on the way to present all your feature-benefits.

To humanise the whole process and make it personal, I would introduce a CEO character, played by an actor. The video could start with them disgruntled by existing systems. Then the CEO character evolves during the video, until we end up with a satisfied CEO seen reporting share price increases at the AGM.

All of the above needs considerable refinement and planning to get it exactly right, but graphics and video concept to show system improvements, combined with an evolving CEO character will result in a very watchable scope & capability video that your C level audience will quickly understand and enjoy.

Examples of videos using a lot of graphics can be found here

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