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Q: Is there any way I can use video for objection handling in life insurance as far concern with trust, interest, not having money or being busy?

Life Insurance Salesperson

A: A life insurance sales video that can handle sales objections and convert non-interested bystanders into real sales prospects has always been a holy grail of sorts.

Life insurance and pensions reps are taught to believe that it’s their personality which develops a personal relationship with the customer which, over time, leads to them becoming the customer’s long term financial adviser.

Or so the story in life insurance sales training boot camp goes.

But why not use video on an iphone or a gphone or any portable device instead?

Video doesn’t have moods, and isn’t affected by “the weather”.

It delivers a perfect repeatable and memorable message every time.

And it can deliver the video message anywhere. How much more portable can you get than a phone?

Try this scenario:

Life insurance salesperson to prospect: I know you’re very busy and we’ve never met before, but do me a favour. Just watch this video. It’ll take only 90 seconds. Will you give me 90 seconds and I promise to leave if you’re not interested after that.

Prospect, with a stare: We can’t see a video here. There’s no TV.

Life insurance salesperson offers a gphone and smiles: Just watch this. Won’t take more than a minute and a half

Prospect nods and takes the phone: Okay … .so long as it’s only 90 seconds

Life Insurance Salesperson: I promise.

Hopefully you can see that that by harnessing technology you create an opportunity for a potential customer to hear a qualified sales message – in any location where a phone could be viewed.

How could one phone video sell to a variety of customers?

One video couldn’t sell.

A mix of videos would be needed, with one for each major demographic group, eg:

> 20s male

> 20s female

> 30s male

> 30s female

> ditto 40s

> ditto major ethnic groups.

These different sales videos could all be shot professionally in a studio inside one day.

They could all follow a similar pattern, eg, attention grabbing headline, 3 key objections turned into benefits, and a call to action.

The style would be quite simple as it’d have to run off a phone, so I’d suggest using a presenter in each case supported by some simple graphics and music.

There’s more detail on sales and marketing video here

Which life salespeople would most benefit from using a video like this?

All of them.

Whether the life salesperson was:

> Hired by a major life company as a commission-only rep

> From a major bank who offering a good basic salary to sales staff following up potential sales leads from bank customers

> From an independent financial adviser (IFA) who wanted to hire new sales staff on a small basic-big-commission type of deal.

They’d all benefit.

All they’d have to do would be hand over the phone to the prospect and let the sales video break the ice, and get things moving.

A life insurance sales video would never replace the life professional, but it would make things easier when approaching new prospects, which is something that happens all the time in life sales.

Sales video on a phone would generate more life insurance sales leads.

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