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Delivering sales presentation messages is now a lot more disciplined than the powerpoint or video exercise it used to be.

With the maturity of new media, the options are greatly multiplied.

Today’s marketer needs to consider how:

> to digitally present at each route to market

> cover every potential customer touch point.

Let’s look at some of these typical touch points

> responding to sales enquiries

> delivering face to face presentations

> giving high value major account presentations

> presenting info to web visitors

> presenting in your brochure

> presenting at seminars, events and conferences

At each of these touch points you need to digitally reach your customers.

One route is based around a multimedia cd, although there are others.

Customer touch point information

Let’s look at this by starting with what goes into a typical package:

> The cd opens with an animated intro to win audience attention

> It includes the option for a personalised Welcome screen

> It can be followed by a short Teaser video of less than 60 seconds, quickly hooking the audience into your main sales points

> Now deliver a 7 slide presentation, covering key points. Each slide needs to be individually designed and animated to retain attention – to engage and compel. Using dull template stuff will not do.

> Support this with a facility to call up extra slides such as case studies, costings or implementation plans, as required

> End on a call-to-action, so the viewer knows what’s required of them

This is the core of a typical presentation package

It now needs packaging in 3 different ways to ensure all customer touch points are covered.

The 3 ways to deliver the package are:

> As an autorun talking version to use as a Talking Brochure

> As a Clickthrough version that a person can speak over while presenting

> As an autoloop version for playing at events, with or without volume turned up

Last but not least least, here are the main ways you can deliver the package to customers:

> The Web viewer: Stream the Teaser video, and parts of the presentation

> The Sales enquiry: Post them Cd talking version as a talking brochure

> The Sales presentation: Play the clickthrough version and talk over it

> The Customer champion: Give them a flash ram stick with your talking brochure version, so they can easily show it to colleagues and influence them

This approach to digitally covering all routes to market is just the beginning.

Call or write to find out more – and find samples on our Multimedia Presentations page.

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