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Q: At our next annual sales conference I’d like to do something different to the powerpoint style of presentation we’ve always used. We want something motivational, inspirational with a strong message about the new products we’re launching. What will multimedia do that’s better than what we’re already doing?

Managing Director

A: Planning a conference presentation to motivate your sales force to push the new products shouldn’t be difficult, as most sales people welcome new products as new opportunities to increase their salaries.

So I’d like to focus on the specific differences between a multimedia presentation and a powerpoint presentation. from the conference delivery angle.

First and foremost is the higher level of creativity.

For example, using multimedia usually means that every slide in your presentation looks different, because the typical template is avoided. The salesforce will literally keep seeing something new.

This single factor alone will keep your audience riveted.

Creativity extends to using animation for text and images, more sophisticated and visually compelling than the often clunky and distracting wipes found in quickie presentation packages.

The choice of images used in your slides will be of a far higher standard too. Instead of the usual public domain images that we sadly see so often, your conference presentation will contain the latest new images from the professional image stock libraries.

You can see the drift. You’re moving the whole conference up a gear.

These three changes alone will have a huge impact on your audience.

There’s more info on the pros and cons of this approach here

You can also include the flash animation you’ve planned for your website as part of the new product launch. Or video of product trials.

To ensure all the creativity comes together in an effective way, you’ll need to work closely with your conference producer.

For example, you should plan the scripts together so that all the messages you want to say integrate tightly with the visuals.

Another pair of eyes will also make sure the script side of the presentation doesn’t run too long, or that points aren’t lost or made unclearly.

There needs to be plenty of emphasis on what the salesforce will get out of it and what they have to do next, and perhaps less emphasis on the product development, or lesser technical features.

Pitch the conference message around what your sales people get out of it, and what they have to do and need to know to get there.

Looking ahead: Many of the elements of your multimedia conference presentation can be fairly easily recycled into a sales presentation multimedia which each salesperson can take away with them at the end of the conference as a gift/tool, which they can play to potential new customers from their laptops.

I could guess that a sales presentation multimedia might cost 50% less by converting the conference presentation.


Three distinct areas stand out when looking at a multimedia conference presentation over and above a powerpoint.

> The creativity is much greater, so it’ll make a bigger and more lasting impression

> The actual message you deliver will be tighter and more effective

> The conference presentation can be recycled into an all-round sales presentation at relatively low cost.

An annual sales conference is a important occasion, a key event on your business calendar. A multimedia conference presentation will help you live up to that occasion.

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