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Q: We are a high end company dealing with the high value luxury products. Our current website needs SEO work and web traffic improving in order to give us more of a competitive presence.

We are also looking to change and update our current website design and look. So we would be interested in a web design package as well as web marketing. The marketing is key! Please can you contact me ideally with rough costs and options.

Marketing Assistant
High Value Luxury Products Company

A: Let’s be clear: The purpose of improving your web site is to win more sales leads for your luxury product sales. Like many companies, you’d like your website to become a lead generation machine.

There are a number of options and approaches open to you. I’ll broadly outline these for you

Costs are spread in different ways.

1 – Redesigning (and rebuilding) your site so that it’s optimised for your keywords and the SEs is around £5k

It includes a fairly close analysis of the your marketplace, so you know you’re targeting the right keywords.

If done well, it will generate you more traffic – no question

And more traffic equals more leads.

2 – To add a proper CMS (Content Management System) will add maybe £1,000

But it means you’ll be able to add new pages easily, and with a choice of template designs (eg page with small pic, large pic, or no pic etc)

The upside is that you’ll have to power to grow your site in a technically easy way.

A good CMS is the difference between a simple brochure site, and a site that can grow.

3 – You could spend on AdWords, maybe £100-£300 pm, but this can vary (up or down). I won’t know for sure until I’ve done tests on the typical spend in your marketplace.

We don’t charge a commission on your spend, but you’ll need the right ads developing to make your message effective to potential enquirers.

Also, your landing pages (the pages where AdWords enquirer land) need to be specially designed

It might take a £1,000 to get all this adwork in shape, but it’d mean that when ad enquirers arrived onsite that they didn’t simply bounce, but instead clicked on to discover more about you.

The upside of Adwords is the cheap start, but the downside is that you have to keep spending to spend to get clicks.

Literally, the minute you stop paying, the leads dry up completely.

4 – To become a luxury products hub of the world is something that needs looking at more closely. But for example, one client budgeted £15k to become a hub.

It’s very feasible proposition, and it would really drive your business forward, as Google would respect you as being THE luxury products place, and accord you much greater prominence – and send you the traffic to match your high web status.

I get 25,000 visitors a month to my site using this approach. It means I don’t have to spend a penny on advertising while some of my competitors might spend up to £1,000 pm!

I also gather subscriptions to our high quality enewsletter, which now has over 1,000 opt-in subscribers. This is a 1,000 opportunities to generate a client touch point with every issue.

It takes time and money for it all to start to work, but in the end it’s the real deal, and it delivers sales leads like nothing else.

Hopefully you’ve got a better idea of what’s possible, and a better feel for the order of emarketing costs, and how money needs to be spent in order to generate leads.

What you need to establish now is an order of budget on your side.

I have to add that none of the options is “easy”. They’ll all require a work commitment from you.

Not everyone is prepared to give that commitment, but then they don’t get the results.

And it is a very exciting challenge to any marketer.

While your directors may take the view that emarketing requires a lot of effort and money, anyone with any credibility will assure you that it works.

The present certainty is that your clients use Google and the SEs – and they’re not going to you.

This can be put right.

I hope the above gives you a better feel for emarketing options and costs

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