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Centralising all your video assets is part of the new maturity increasingly being seen in corporate video.
The days are fading when anything up to 3 or more video producers worked for you and your colleagues.

This is because having a single source, 360 degree video production partner is more logical than having all your tens or even hundreds of video assets scattered between a host of ad-hoc suppliers.

What sort of footage assets are we talking about?

> Footage of your premises and operations

> Footage of all your different products and services

> Footage of events and incidents

> Valuable interviews with suppliers or influential internal figures

> Footage from around the World if you’re an international operation

> Tutorials for new IT systems and work-related procedures

The list can be long. Some companies have hundreds of videos, others still run into the tens.

And all this valuable footage is scattered everywhere

– instead of being part of a connected joined-up plan.



Why a single video supplier makes sense

Every Procurement Director understands the value of single source partners compared to a bloated portfolio of alternative suppliers.

Every Marketing Director understands this when they want a video producing in a hurry.

Every Safety Director probably has a collection of videos somewhere – homemade, professionally made, bought in or rented – that is probably disorganised.

HR, Sustainability, Internal Comms all share the same issues as other departments.

And no one is joining up all the dots in the middle, as video is still relatively new and hasn’t been thought out on an enterprise wide scale.

The advantages of a single source video production partner

You invariably save money.

You’ll also get an acknowledged standard of production that you can rely on for whatever the project.

You gain an intelligent partner who’s closely aligned with your organisation’s objectives.

What you’re looking for is an overall more capable partner who’s able to produce video at any and every level

– from interviews-in-a-hurry 200 hundred miles away – tomorrow

– to major international corporate filmed work at the highest level

– to explainer animations to promote your new products & services, or revamp old ones.

And all this is always needed in a hurry, as video is invariably the last thing people think of when delivering a new service to a tightly rolled-out deadline.

Yet it usually turns out to be the single most important element to get your new product launch rolling.

A single source works best for all, as we’ve already seen with IT outsourcing which is the only way to navigate through the alternative of multi-vendor IT chaos.

And a big reason for single source is repurposing of videos

2016 Digital Video Guide

What is repurposing of videos

New video isn’t cheap, compared with a pdf or brochure or new web page.

By combining old videos – repurposing and re-imagining them – you can produce new videos for old.

This is a significant move for companies who’ve now acquired a lot of footage assets.

It’s the new way to save money on video.

But it only works if you’re in control of all your video footage.

For example, when your single source supplier has catalogued all your footage and diligently curated it on your behalf

– providing an online database or reference list where you can quickly view & download all your video assets from across every department and division.

This presents a very dynamic model of corporate video production

– compared with the multi-vendor situation where footage is spread everywhere, and no one has the full picture of what you own.

Not knowing holds you back. And it actually holds each of your video production companies back too..


A single source video supplier will organise everything the way your organisation wants.

You’ll immediately save a chunk by repurposing more videos more often.

You’ll have a comprehensive 360 degree video skills base behind you.

Just like it did for IT, video centralisation will pay off

– so more internal & external customers can have more video more often.

Which is what you want.

Migrating to a single source supplier will do more than reduce your budget

– it’ll be one of your best moves yet.


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