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Q: Can we take our existing corporate video and amend it so that it carries a relevant message that can be played at our conference? We thought it would add a bit of excitement to the start of our annual conference presentation which is scheduled for May.

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East Midlands

A: This is an excellent idea. I’m surprised more companies don’t recycle their corporate videos for other purposes, such as conference presentations and special events. It’s like new videos for old, at a fraction of the cost.

The secret is to be able to recycle your video so that the changes you require can be incorporated into the existing video structure wherever possible. This will mean less editing and therefore less cost.

On the other hand, there’s nothing to stop you completely revamping the old video into a completely fresh message using the same footage. It’ll still cost a lot less than a new presentation video.

Here’s the method for doing this:

Draw up a bullet list of new content
Sit down with a sheet of A4 and draft out the bullet messages you want to say at the conference.

When you have this list, order the bullets into the sequence you think best.

Now grade them into two types of message – the Must-Haves and the Like-to-Haves

Get an up-to-date-storyboard
Ask your video production company to send you the final storyboard of your old corporate video.

This will show the script of the existing video as a word doc, allowing you to see exactly what the actual video content is, in a structured way

Marry the bullet list to the existing script
By comparing your bullet list of your new content to the actual video content in the storyboard, you’ll soon be able to start deleting non-relevant lines of script, and adding in your new bullet points.

If the required changes start to look big and money is tight, then omit some of the like-to-have bullet points.

It’s important to focus on getting the script – the actual words – right first.

Only concentrate on the visuals once you’ve got the word-message correct.

By breaking it up into two stages like this, words first and visuals later, it’ll be easier for you to do.

If it all gets too complicated, then invite your video producer to help you with it. They should be pleased to assist, and will be able to suggest ideas as well indicate routes that will help you to keep the cost down.

For example, they might indicate that one of your like-to-have points is expensive to carry out, and suggest a lower cost alternative.

On the other hand, they might suggest fresh graphic ideas to give the video image a facelift.

Or they could suggest incorporating some relevant still images that you already have into your new video (adding stills is always cheap, and often effective)

Or if voiceover changes are required, then maybe you could swap out a male voiceover for a new female voiceover, or vice-versa. Or add some new soundtrack music.

There are lots of creative possibilities.

The Bottom Line
Recycling old corporate videos means more bang for your buck.

It means a more exciting conference presentation.

You can do a lot of the preliminary planning work yourself

Your video production company should be able to help you, and suggest more and better ways to reduce costs – or where necessary, spend more to get it really right.

Conference presentations can be all important. Here’s a link with more info

Good luck with recycling your corporate video for your conference.
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