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Q: We’re considering a 10 minute promotional video to highlight the services of our Volunteer Centre in West London.

It will include:

> An introduction into Volunteering
> Impact of volunteering in our area
> Explanation of each project at the Volunteer Centre
> Testimonials
> How to get involved

Volunteer Services Officer
West London

A: You’re hoping to pack a lot into a 10 minute video. That’s not to say this isn’t possible. Not at all. But it’s very likely that you’d have to throw a lot of good interview footage (for example, additional testimonials) into the bin to make your 10 minute runtime feasible.

Could I suggest another approach worth considering?

Produce a multimedia presentation. Then you can play your video clips as part of your presentation.

This would offer you much more flexibility when making promotional presentations.

In situations where time is tight, you can skip slides and video clips, and just show the essentials of your presentation. But when you have a keen audience you can show them the full presentation which might be 15 minutes or longer.

Being able to show more is great if you think your audience is interested.

And you can also present all shades in between.

For example, a detailed explanation of a particular project might greatly interest one audience, but not another.

Or one audience might need to see those extra testimonials that a video would have cut out because of runtime issues.

A video assumes one size fits all.

An interactive DVD offers menu choices, but can get expensive.

A multimedia isn’t cheap either, but you can show everything, or just a little. And tailoring your presentation to your audiences is much more likely to unearth the potential new volunteers you’re looking for.

Multimedia CD is cheap to duplicate too. You can even do this in your own office, sending enquirers a copy in the post on-demand.

You should also consider streaming the various video clips of testimonials and projects on your website. This way you can make the information available to the public 24 hours a day, for a relatively small cost.

And taking a proactive approach like streaming is more likely to impress future donors too.

So should you produce a 10 minute video, or should you make a promotional multimedia with video clips inside? It’s not a hard choice is it.
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