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Q: We need to rethink our whole approach to corporate sales.

A new website is a priority, but we feel we need a stronger brand identity.

Also we’ll need a new corporate presentation to complete the marketing chain.

We’re looking for ideas on how to start, and also wonder how long it’ll take as we want to hit the New Year running.

Managing Director
Office Supplies Company

A: A stronger brand identity, a new web site, and a corporate presentation need looking at as three parts of the same project, ie,

The Brand DNA, The Website Pull, and The Presentation Push.

Let me explain.

Stronger Brand Identity

A rebranding exercise is a milestone in any company’s evolution.

And it sounds like this re-branding of your business is well overdue, and is needed to reflect and promote all the positive changes that have taken place in your company in recent years.

Your target audiences will range from financial directors, facilities managers to office managers, and they’ll be looking for competitive prices and high standards of service.

A new brand identity will re-affirm these values to existing customers, as well as appeal to new customers.

Obviously this will focus around the logo, which will probably need amending or even replacing in order to reflect your brand promise.

I’d look for a design that delivered on a number of levels.

I’d not just want the brand promise implicit in the visual message, but I’d want to show the character of the company, and help create a feeling if how good it feels doing business with you.

I’d look for a more dynamic identity.

On the practical side, to arrive at a a rebranding solution that works for you, you’ll need to review different permutations of your new logo artwork and associated ideas.

To help you choose, I’d suggest thinking of your company’s brand as its DNA, the core material, the wellspring, from which everything else derives.

This DNA – the logo and stronger identity – will provide a springboard from which you can redesign your website to pull in corporate clients, helping them to appreciate that you’re “the right sort” to do business with.

New Website

This is a great opportunity to get all the latest web features.

You could use smart flash animation to grab attention

You could also use tabs, and colour theme all the major areas of the site.

This may mean having 20 or more different header designs – but it’s worth it as the visual variety this creates will separate you from the crowd, and reinforce the promise of your newly strengthened brand.

It’s also an important opportunity to strategically rebuild your site along SEO, or search engine optimisation, lines.

You’ll need SEO experts to help you. But the result will be free traffic to your website 3 to 6 months down the line, from business buyers querying Google.

Insist on a CMS, content management system, that allows your own staff to update the site on demand.

Contribute from Adobe is good for this, as it’s online and so easy to use, based on WYSIWYG cut and paste from your existing docs.

Make sure you also include lots of cross-selling opportunities, when you pull in all your potential new customers.

Corporate Presentation

This is the proactive end of delivering your newly reinforced brand message.

While your website will act as a smart online brochure, pulling customers in, your corporate presentation will be given to customers, pushing out to them.

Brand DNA, website pull, and presentation push. Gottit?

If your budget will stretch then use multimedia for this, as a powerful presentation full of animation and originality will say a lot about you as a business.

Overall, you could have the whole project delivered – rebrand, new website, and corporate presentation – inside 10 weeks if you really go for it.

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