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Q: We’d like to kick off our next Annual Conference with a bang by using video. But the cost of producing a one-off DVD for our conference is too high.

Can we re-edit our corporate DVD so as to show our conference theme “You Make It Happen” on video?

Can this be done cheaply? Suggestions?

Company Director

A: This is an excellent idea. I’ll assume you have a sub-£2k budget and an existing 4-5 minute corporate video.

The style that will work for your budget is a 2 minute video set to music with video captions delivering the bullets of your message. All this will be set against the background of your existing corporate video. footage and suitable stills.

That’s the style that will work. Captions, footage and music.

Don’t use voiceover. It’ll get complicated and costly.

Using captions and music will look great on the day, and the price will be right.

Here’s how to set about it:

Determine the runtime

I’d recommend not more than 2 minutes of runtime for your conference DVD. This equates to script of less than 200 words. If possible use just 150 words.

A shorter video will have more punch and be quicker (and therefore cheaper) to edit.

Identify your visual content

To clarify this point, you don’t want a complete re-mix and re-edit of your corporate video. This only increases cost.

What you need to do is to do is first strip out your voice and sound tracks from your video.

Then cut your video into small chucks, natural visual segments if you like. These will be your visual building blocks.

Also identify suitable stills such as pictures of top staff, events, awards, workforce activities and suchlike. These are the pictures that are very relevant visually to your conference theme.

Find some punchy music

Take a wander on the web around online music libraries. You can find 120 seconds of suitable music for a reasonable price.

Dance trance to a four-on-the-floor beat offends no one, is pacey in style, and not dated.

Match the music to the bullets and the visuals

Your video editor will match your captions to the music track.

The previously identified clips of video from your corporate video will be dubbed behind the captions. These clips can be easily slomo’d or colour treated for increased visual interest.

Obviously not all your video footage will perfectly match the message of the bullets. But enough of it should generically fit well enough to make a splash at your conference.

Where a video clip won’t fit, then use a suitable still.

Failing that, mush one of your slomo video clips so that it becomes an ambient moving colour wash that will make an acceptable generic background image.

The Result

The resulting video isn’t intended as a replacement for your corporate video. But in terms of making a smash hit, your new conference DVD should work well, as you’ll have surprised your audience, and engaged them with a bang up-to-date relevant message, all set to funky music.

And how else can you get a conference DVD for under £2,000?
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