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When choosing a video production company - it can be tough to decide who to pick.

On the surface many look the same - especially when you have a lot of tabs open on your internet browser.

Here are some easy questions you can ask, to separate out the professionals from the novices. 
We originally produced a similar list some years ago - but like all things, it's now a little out of date.

So, we have a brand new list of questions, to help you to really judge if the corporate video company you've found is right for you.


Ask to see recent video work - preferably from the last month or so.
Do they have a youtube channel they update or similar so you can quickly see their latest work? Website samples can sometimes be quite old!

Ask what videos they have done in your industry?
This is not a deal breaker if they have none, but it can really help if they already know what your business is about and have already had success in that area.

Ask for any recent client references
If anyone they've worked with lately willing to talk to you? This is a surefire way finding out what they're like to work with.

Ask if their videos frequently go over budget?
This can be a bit of an awkward question, but you need to know the quote is reliable. If they're a genuine article, they can answer you honestly - and tell you what affects the cost and what can be likely to change over the course of the job, if any.

Ask if they do the work in house, or is it contracted out?
If it's contracted out, then likely, the quality could be less and they're overcharging you.

Ask for creative ideas - that are specific to your enquiry and needs
It's great if you have your own plans, but if you ask them too - they should be able to give you some good ideas too - it'll show they've really studied your company and are making an effort.

Ask if they have any strategy for promoting ideas, or advice after it's been produced.
Do you they give you the video at the end and leave you to it, or do they have advice about what to do next? How to get it online, how to get the most views? This is added value

How how long, realistically the full production process is?
Usually anywhere between a few weeks and a few months is normal. So if it's any quicker, or longer - ask why.


Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


Ask how many script development meetings happen, and how much research happens?
You want at least 1 good briefing meeting for the script once you have explained the purpose of the video and the audience - otherwise the content of the video will be too shallow and generic.

Ask them how they overcome any problems - what is usual?
In video production - things to happen, and different companies have different capabilities and resources to deal with problems. If they're honest, they'll tell you what can happen, and you'll feel assured that it's easily solvable.


These questions cover quite a lot of ground when it comes to specifying a corporate video - but if you're worried, then ask as many questions as you like.

If they're a decent company, then they're are there to help you and will be happy to answer.



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