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Q: Over the years we have built up a collection of random images and video clips. We would like to combine them in order to create a 3 Minute Marketing video for our marketing campaign.

The purpose of the video will be to promote our company to prospective clients and investors – so it has to be of the highest quality.

Can you advise?

Head of Marketing
Interior Design Company
East London

A: Already having the footage you need for your Video – well that’s a major advantage.

Not only does it stop you from having to organise a video shoot, which can take time and money – it also gives you a solid foundation from which to work from.

A direction in which you can travel.

But in order to make a Marketing Video from a slideshow – and one that delivers excellence – you must first decide on its core message.

This will help you find what you’re looking for when searching through your mountain of already acquired footage.

And you’re a design company – so make sure the clips and images that you choose show off your exemplary design skills in a spectacular way.

If the footage is of a high standard, then it raises the bar for the processes that follow.

How you should put all of your footage together

A project such as this only has a post-production stage.

This involves

> editing

> the adding of visual effects and fixes

> the adding of sound effects

> voiceover

> and music.

The purpose of each one of these processes is to unite all of your random bits of footage in a way that makes a Marketing Video that has its own unique and distinguishable identity.

An identity that reflects the image and branding of your organisation and presents what you’re offering in a high standard way.

No matter how good your original footage may be, it could always do with a spit & polish.

Lighting can be tweaked and blemishes can be removed – do this and your Marketing Video will make whatever you design shine.

And when you’ve got the right look, there’s no better way of complementing this than by using the right sound.

A likeable voiceover allied to some beautiful music will guide the viewer into seeing – and appreciating – your very best work.

2016 Digital Video Guide

What’s the best way to make a classy Marketing Video for our design company

Get the best footage you have – whether it be video or still imagery – and get a professional post-production company to put it all together.

This will guarantee the delivery of a video that shows the brilliance of your company and its achievements.

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