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Q: My business is one of the most successful engineering companies in Ghana. We have been producing world class industrial products for over 20 years and would like a video to help us expand into other West African markets.

Can you advise?

A: Breaking into the international is a must for any large business – but it’s difficult.

At the moment the global economy is suffering from a lack of confidence, but this need not be a problem. In fact, video can be used to turn make this into an advantage.

Let me explain.

In this present climate, buyers and investors are only looking for the best – they want the company that will give them the highest return on their investment. But how do they know that your company can do this?

Because you will tell them through a series of detailed, informative, interesting and entertaining videos.

And when I say series I mean series. A business like yours trying to break into a worldwide market will need more than 1 video.

How using 2 videos will work for your business

You need a video that can:

> Work on a corporate level

Something that will allow you to show your company off at that next corporate event, presentation or meeting.

A video that’s detailed in its nature, it should use the ‘tell not sell’ approach.

By this, I mean that it should inform the viewer of what you do and prove to them that you can deliver your product on time and to a high standard.

> And has an instant impact on the viewer

This kind of video is ideal for your homepage.

Your website is, after all, the shop window that you offer to the world. You need people to visit it – and stay on it.

A web video that has an instant impact on whoever views it is the perfect tool for reducing your bounce rate.

And this will make you more popular with Google.

Speaking on a global level

Most people have English as either their first or second language – so the videos should be made in English.

But it has to be a style of English that can be understood by everybody.

It can not be colloquial or have a hint of any dialect.

So you need to get a professional scriptwriter – one that can write the script in a professional, business like manner.

Click here for examples of corporate videos that deliver.

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