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Q: We are a new company that specialises in giving financial advice to both businesses and individuals alike.

We would like a video to set us apart from other similar companies in what is a very competitive market.

What things should we take into consideration?

Head of Marketing
Financial Advice Company
Milton Keynes

A: A promotional video is a great way of introducing your company to a wider market. You’ve correctly identified that – in order to effectively compete – you need something to set yourself apart from similar companies that are more established.

Having looked at your website I can see that your services are offered to a wide range of clients.

Your video needs to show this. As soon as a potential client hits your homepage they need to know:

> Who you are

> What you offer

> And why you’re better than the rest.

So what type of promotional video will achieve this?

Well, there are a few to choose from.

2016 Digital Video Guide

Different types of video that you should consider

Three spring to mind, these being:

> A low cost web video

A vidshort will deliver your message in an efficient and concise way over a relatively short period of time – and they’re usually cheap.

Lasting between 30 and 60 seconds, they’re ideal for any service you may offer that doesn’t require a vast amount of detail.

The content of a video like this should be based on its unique selling points.

> A digital video

If your video needs to be a bit longer than a vidshort – let’s say around 2 minutes in length – and therefore requires an audience to engage with its message, then what you need is a mini-corporate video.

These are high-end productions that require a certain amount of filming. Because of this, a professionally made one will be more expensive than a vidshort but will be of a far higher production standard.

> And an animated web video

An animated web video will deliver your message through a combination of motion graphics and animation.

Usually around 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length, prices usually vary from £500 to £2500, depending on how long and complex it is.

More and more businesses are using animated web video in an attempt to include a unique element within their wider marketing campaign.

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How to choose

At the end of the day, the cheapest video is the one that will give you the highest turnaround.

The best video is the one that delivers your required message in a way – or over a period of time – that’s appreciated by your audience.

Basically, you need a promotional video that wins clients.

One that’s well made and stands out from the crowd.

The best advice I can give is make sure that, whatever type of video you make, it’s made to a a very high, professional and winning standard.

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