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Q: We are a U.S. based financial services company that is interested in learning more about a presenter web video.

I was curious to know what video styles are on offer.

Audit Director Chicago, USA

Converting site visitors to active enquirers is the hardest part of owning a any website.

Video is possibly the best way to win more conversions.

But this requires a very structured approach to developing your video.

In the financial services sector, the key to a high-converting home page video is to get the script right first.

I say this as many companies think too far ahead and dwell too much on the style & look of the video

– instead of first focusing on the message.

My initial advice is to plot out the script, in around 200-300 words and get the winning storyline

ie, the killer script that will go straight to the hearts & minds of potential enquirers who could use your service.

In my experience of working with financial services organisations, there is often too much “insider technical talk” in the video message

– and not enough clear deliverable benefit for the potential client

– or at least not enough clear benefit to motivate a higher percentage of them to fill in the enquiry form.

So my advice is to speak plainly in your script, and support all your claims with hard proof.

Only once your script has been drafted, or at least has a clear outline content structure, should you think about the style of video you think will best visually bring your financial company message to life..

The Presenter Video Style

You like the idea of using a professional presenter – and this can work well for financial products & services videos.

What makes the difference between your presenter video and the thousands of presenter videos on youtube selling B2C products (from washing machines to the latest tablet)

– will be the use of infographics.

Why infographics?

Two reasons:

1 – a Presenter alone cannot demonstrate the subtleties of increased financial performance (ie, your proposition) solely with their speech and hand gestures.

2 – the new concepts your service offers are easily described using infographics.

Imagine – a presenter talking to camera describing your “abstract” products, with animated infographics moving around the screen, immediately illustrating what each of your benefits means.

It’s unsubtle, visually very watchable – and it works.

There are a whole bunch of Presenter Infographic videos here so you can better appreciate what this style offers

A presenter supported by infographic animation will bring your Money Wins to life on screen

– making your proposition more irresistible to the viewer.

The Animated Presenter Alternative

You could equally well use an animated presenter – instead of a real person.

See this page here for lots of samples.

There are such different styles of animated presenter, it isn’t hard to pick one you think your audiences will like.

People like animation – because we all grew up with it watching TV.

And animation gives you licence to make your message stronger and more obvious

ie, more powerful at converting soft views into hard enquiries.


A Presenter style video can work well for financial product & services propositions.

But first:

> Get your script message clear in your mind so you can understand what you need to say

> Whatever presenter style you choose, use infographics to explain your proposition

> You can choose between a real live presenter, and an animated one. Both can work well.

This is the structured approach I’d recommend when producing a financial services video.

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