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Q: We are an internet marketing and and e-commerce solutions company that’s wanting to simplify our message and get it across to a wider B2B and B2C customer base.

We are thinking about using a multimedia presentation to do this – but not one that’s just a simple PowerPoint. We need something that can make our service easy to understand and attractive.

I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.

Head of Marketing
E-Commerce Solutions Company
South London

A: A multimedia presentation is not a PowerPoint. It’s a presentation that’s based on the concept of video, so it’s:

> Visually attractive

> Dynamic in its movement and transitions

> Can be of a True 1080 HD standard

> And features high quality sound and music

These features are very beneficial to both B2B and B2C presentations as they will help make your presentation be more engaging to your audience.

Making your service easy to understand

With regards to a B2C audience, you need your presentation to tell them what they want to hear – and no more.

They’re interested in:

> What makes you stand out from your competitors

> What your remarkable proposition is – what you can offer them that no other company can

> And proof of claim – some examples of what you’ve already achieved that proves you can deliver what you say you can deliver

A video based presentation can do this in a way that’s clear, informative and entertaining.

For B2B viewers, more detail is needed – you need to tell not sell

As the presentation is interactive, you have a choice of showing them a set of videos and points that have more information than the ones that were shown to your B2C audience.

The same presentation can be shown to different groups in different ways

This saves you money and time. There is no extra cost for another presentation and you don’t have to set up different presentations for different audiences.

Instead, you can dazzle, inform and entertain everybody by paying for just:

> One set of videos

> One piece of music

> And one Multimedia presentation

And nobody else will have one.

Whilst your competitors are boring everybody with a status-quo PowerPoint, you’re telling both customers and companies alike that you mean business.

Click here for to see some examples of a Multimedia Presentation.

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