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Q: Our construction company has seen significant growth over the past couple of months, despite the onset of a double dip recession.

But unless we expand our market, and ensure that it reaches a customer base that’s not part of local area, then I’m concerned that we may soon drink the well dry. So we need to expand.

We are looking for a marketing video that will allow us to expand on a national level – or even on an international level.

Our marketing team is new, and their knowledge of video production is limited. Could you please offer us some advice?

A: A video that markets your company is the only thing that the buyer of 2012/2013 is interested in.

These are usually either:

> A 4 minute corporate overview video that features a voiceover highlighting your company’s scope & capability

> Or an Instant Impact for your website or other customer touchpoints

These days, the businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors choose booth. And this is what I’d recommend for a company such as yours.

You’re looking to branch out into a wider – and different – market

Congratulations on having such success, especially during this difficult economic period. As you said, you’re a local business that’s stuck to your local area.

And now you want to take on the world! And why not? You should go for it.

But you must accept that it’s new territory.

In order to beat the competition, you’ll need videos that can:

> Look impressive on your website

No matter where you are in the world, your website is your shop window

> Work well at an exhibition or event

A video like this will be different than one that’s made for your website as it will have to cater to a more specific target audience.

> Works on a Smartphone

Your new office lives in your pocket, and modern working hours are 24/7!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this!

> Work well together

Though both videos must have their differences, they must hold the same core message.

Achieving this

To get this done, go professional.

Your marketing team won’t be able to make the kind of videos that will convert viewers into buyers.

But, by clicking here, you can see an example of a construction video product that can.

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