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Q: Animated Presenter Or Video Presenter – Which One Should I Use For My Web Video?

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A: It depends on your product.

Presenters are good for demonstrating physical things, like gadgets or machinery – but if your product is abstract in its nature – then an animation would be better.

What you’re trying to sell is a service.

Visually speaking, it’s not something that’s easy to describe. There is no ‘physical’ example of what you provide.

So you have to be very descriptive – you have to take something you can’t see and put it on the screen.

If you’re going to rely on words, then you have to use a presenter.

This would be fine if what they had to say was short and sweet – but for a video like this they’ll have to be detailed and long winded.

The audience will find that boring.

A presenter will just go on and on – trying in vain to describe something that can’t be expressed in words.

So let’s consider the use of an animated presenter.

An animation is entertaining – it’s not something you see everyday.

And everything about it – all of its details from its movements to its features – are descriptive.

A presenter can only use words – an animation can use actions

An animated web video can tell an informative yet simple story – one that both educates and entertains.

It’s difficult for a presenter to:

> act out a process that could be considered ‘elaborate’

> take something serious and make it entertaining

> or do anything that’s physically impossible!

Wanting a presenter to break the laws of physics would be asking a bit too much!

An animation, on the other hand, can show just about anything – it has no visual limitations.

It’s descriptive by its very nature – and it can be shaped to be anything you want it to be.

On the downside – it can lack the warmth of a presenter, who can give both personality and a face to a product – but only if that product is self-descriptive and easy to understand.

Something that’s complicated – or just plain boring – needs an animation to bring it to life.

And – most importantly – to make it memorable.

Animated presenter or video presenter – which one should I choose for my web video?

If you’re trying to sell a simple product then a presenter is a simple choice to make.

Presenters are a safe bet. They engage with the audience and are easy to shoot.

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But if you’re offering something more abstract – and you want your web video to feature something that’s completely different and makes it stand out from the crowd – then an animated presenter is the way to go.

It will convert your audience to your way of thinking.

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