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Question: We’re looking to update the current promotional video of the college which can be viewed on our college website.

We attract a lot of international students, and I’m looking for something different to the usual college introductory style of video.

We regularly make presentations overseas to students & families, as well as through the website.

6th Form College
South East UK

Answer: Successful promotional video for any fee-paying educational establishment involves talking in the right way to each of the different audiences for your video.

This includes the parents, the student, the wider family – all of whom have a major input into whether your College is their best option.

And your students come from all round the World.


There are three main elements to your College promotional message that I see.

> The Life Path: Attending your College is virtually a guarantee that that a student will subsequently move on to a preferred leading university

> The Social Side: Students want to come to London, live a great city, and experience life with a real London family

> The Academic Side: This includes the courses, facilities, and high levels of personal tuition

For this reason I suggest 3 short videos is a better option than a single video.

May I explain this?

The Student’s Path in Life

Winning the confidence of Parents & Families who pay for the Student is central to your promotional message.

These parents are not just concerned with finding an A Level college for their child.

They’re looking at the Child’s whole life startup process, and see a leading university degree as the final main goal.

The College is a vital stepping stone in achieving this goal

The first video module needs to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the College is the closest thing to a guarantee of a leading university place the parents desire.

It is almost “a business case” for a family spend with the College, ie, what they get for their £20,000 fees.

London Life

This is what will attract the Student, and make them want to attend the College.

From the attractions of the Capital itself, right through to living in a London family home (learning English, culture, tv, etc), the College has a powerful message for the Student.

Which Student would pass up the chance to:

> learn flawless English

> live with a really nice, caring London Family

> live in liberal London, away from restrictive home life & values

> have the College welfare & social services behind them if anything should “unexpectedly go wrong”.

Obviously attending the College is not a holiday, and there are rules.

But it’s a lifestyle that many teenagers would jump at.

The Academic Side

This deserves a video on its own, as it needs explaining clearly.

Obviously the College needs to show the pass rates, achievements, facilities, classes, personal tuition, subjects etc

But more importantly, showing these facilities is Proof of Claim that the College is as good as it says it is.

The Advantages of the 3 Video Approach

> The 3 Video message is more comprehensive and focused – compared to a single video where key points get dissipated in endless detail.

> It’s easier to plan an Overseas Presentation around 3 short videos, than simply to play one long catch-all. It gives the Presentation a better structure.

> It’s easier for overseas web visitors to find the information they need on video, eg:

– The Rich Uncle Sponsor wants to know about their nephew or niece’s future success in life

– the Student wants to be inspired to live in London, and become a truly “international person”

– The Parents want to know about the academic side, to see how good the College is

> 3 videos cost about 50% more than a single long video – not triple the cost

Foreignspeak Versions

Once your English videos are produced, you may want them localised for China, Latvia or Russia or wherever.

So you need to work with an international video company who produce foreign language versions of videos every week.

The Look & Feel of the Videos

We all know that school videos are a mix of student interviews, staff talking heads, and voiceover – set to visuals of college life.

But there the similarity ends.

Besides an incisive message that will win the hearts & minds of families, you’ll need high standards of post production.

Let me describe some key visual features you’ll need:

> strong use of animated graphics & captions. This is more than a “titling gimmick”. Graphics confer a strong thematic unity to the whole production, emphasising your brand and its importance.

> cosmeticising the footage so everything looks cleaner and better – with people’s faces looking more attractive and appealing. You need post production that will “clean up the place & its people”.

> use of animated charts and suchlike, eg, to show pass rates, grade rates, and other key College data, that audiences with English as a second language need to visually understand and remember.

> filming in True 1920 HD so your videos look crisper & clearer when projected through a laptop.


Produce 3 videos for each key audience segment

Talk to each audience segment individually, and address their needs

Get a distinctive look & feel from graphics & post production, as well as filming in 1920 HD

The above approach will increase college admissions.

Any College needing a promotional video could adapt this approach.

A few examples of our School & College videos –

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