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When you have multiple locations all over the globe – the thought of shipping a camera crew to each individual site starts to sound like a logistical nightmare.

I need my CEO to talk to camera – will they have 1 hour free in Tokyo on the 5th January at 4pm?

Will my Health and Safety Manager have made sure that the factory is clean and has no obvious hazards?

Will all my employees have the correct corporate work wear and PPE?

And all this before you start to consider the cost!

What’s really needed is a low cost, simple yet visually engaging way to explain the flexibility of services provided.

But more than this – numerous manufacturing videos have been made for the company before, and now something to differentiate his company from the pack of competitors is needed.

It must explain the marketing messages quickly and to the point.

The audience in the US needs to believe that the proper infrastructure is in place – so that factories in China, Japan and Thailand will all be working to the same schedule and deadlines will be met!

If all this is starting to sound a bit familiar – animation must be mighty tempting!

Animation positions your proposition 100% accurately.

And if you can explain it simply and easily, there is a good chance that you can manufacture it simply and easily.

Unlike your competitors, you don’t have to ‘over promise, under deliver’.

You can just get the message right.

But then again – maybe you just like animation and know that other people do too.

Watch this video to see why Beautipak chose animation:



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