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Q: We are a Pump Manufacturer who require a promotional video to canvas existing and prospective clients.

This will be sent out via hard copy (DVD) and also posted on our website.

Also a copy will be used for displaying in reception at our offices.

I believe this to be a standard corporate video as far as production goes.

At this moment in time no budget or time frame has been set as it is still in it’s research stage.

I do have the following questions:

> What is an average cost for a promotional video (Ball Park) and how is this cost worked out?

> What is the ultimate benefit for going to the expense of a promotional video?

> What is the time line from start to finish?

Also if you have any further information such as examples of previous work/testimonials I would be very grateful

Marketing Consultant
Pump Manufacturer

A: Two of your questions are straightforward to answer. Promotional videos cost between £5,000 and £10,000 and take 2-3 months to produce.

Here is a gallery of promotional videos

Your third question, what is the ultimate benefit of going to the expense of producing a promotional video takes a little more time to answer,

Stepping back a bit, on two separate occasions I’ve produced sales videos for pump manufacturers.

One pump was highly visual and had to be seen to be believed. The other was internally more efficient and needed graphics to explain this technical superiority.

Having this experience I’d ask: Is a corporate video the best way to sell your pumps?

I’d suggest considering the alternative of a multimedia presentation.

A multimedia covers more client touch points than a video and it does them better.

For example:

> It’s a talking brochure, playable from CD, memory stick or hard disk

> It’s a web video

> It’s a brilliant presentation tool, bar none.

> It loops in receptions, foyers and exhibitions, and looks good with the volume turned off.

> It can be customised to different niches and business sectors.

The price is about the same as video.

A multimedia can easily include video if required.

For example, if there is something highly visual about your pump-in-action that needs to be seen.

Multimedia also looks slicker, and benefits from graphics which your pump may well also need.

By contrast, a promotional video tends to be “factory visit and a product demo” rolled into one.

Experience says that pump factories aren’t that wonderful to look at.

And because of this, the resulting videos often don’t make the company look that big and great, unless there’s a high production budget.

Also consider that the multimedia alternative of animated stills, music and captions can usually deliver the required scope & capability message just as well as video footage of the different areas of the plant.

I have no big axe to grind. Every day I produce both promotional video and multimedia, and like them both, and I’ve worked with pumps and related industrial areas so I have some understanding your marketplace.

But overall, I think a multimedia delivers more value for money, a better return, than a fixed rigid video message.

Having said this, some business owners are very proud of their facilities and want to see them on video. They just do. So we make them a nice promotional video.

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