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Q: We need a web video/multimedia – similar to examples on your website. We need either a male/female voice over (possibly) and going through a multimedia presentation?

We’re after costs and information at this stage

Business Development Manager
Software-to-market consultancy

A: What makes this question so interesting is the complexity of the services offered. Complex propositions are theoretically more difficult to sell.

In this example, to develop software from a programming idea or basic core code into a saleable software product takes a myriad of skills from software prototyping to market research, business strategy & planning, to raising venture capital, to threading through the legal maze of new product development, and finally supporting users who are in effect early adopters.

There are many outstanding companies like this who sell complex hard-to-describe services that can’t be said in a single simple sentence. Which makes these companies harder to market.

To deliver a consistent and quickly understandable sales message we need to look at the web, multimedia and video, and how they can work together.

We’re going to look at flash animation, KISS presentations and testimonial video.

The Web
Central to web success (which means generating web leads, and providing sales support) is a home page where your proposition is clear to the viewer at a glance.

For example,

We get you from A to B, and we use these steps C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M to get you there

Notice there are lots of steps. This is a complex product where every step is important for the potential buyer to form a complete picture.

While this approach works well as text, it could be made more effective by using a flash animation to engagingly spell out what the proposition entails.

Flash doesn’t just tell your story in a clear succinct way, it uses a uniquely audiovisual approach to ensure viewers quickly grasp the complex proposition on offer. It does this using voiceover, graphics and animation, which also looks impressive and well as useful. Potential customers will see that you’re a go-ahead forward-looking company – perhaps the sort of person they’d like to engage to help develop their software product.

Multimedia Presentation

Compared with the number of people who purchase a Mars Bar every day, qualified sales leads for complex products and services are relatively thin on the ground. So it’s essential that every major sales presentation is delivered absolutely to the best of your ability, and is precisely tailored to the needs of the potential buyer, in this case a software developer or software development team.

Brevity is the key to this type of presentation, which can too easily get bogged down in detail over small but essential points.

The presentation has to quickly cover all the many steps in the complex product or services in such a way that the buyer feels comfortable with each step – sufficiently comfortable not to feel the need to ask a wearing battery of questions. We want questions. Yes. But not too many. Only those essentials, and these should preferably be about how and when we go ahead, and not what and why.

Multimedia presentation examples exemplifying this principle can be found here

I’ve personally met MDs of complex product & services companies, and often they’re the types who’re all too ready to get bogged down into details. Full of enthusiasm, they feel a full education is a key part of their service. Well, it isn’t.

The customer needs to know just enough to answer the particular questions they have, and that’s it.

So the rule is, however you present, whether using the latest animation and multimedia or just a basic powerpoint – KISS.

Video is important when selling complex products and services because video can be used to provide priceless customer testimonials.

Put simply:

Client: I … er .. don’t understand all your product (although I won’t outright admit this), but those three guys on video seemed very happy with what you did, and it certainly worked for them beyond a shadow of a doubt. So I’ll buy.

Video testimonials are super portable. You can play them:

> As DVD to send customer enquiries

> From a ram stick in a client’s laptop

> As a streaming video prominently displayed on your website

> From a clickable file inside your laptop presentation

> As a clickable file inside your digital proposal

> In conferences, exhibitions and seminars (complex products and services sales thrive on seminars)

The list is almost endless.

The point is that while a corporate video costs a lot of money, and is bound to exaggerate your strengths and conceal your weaknesses (everybody knows this), a customer testimonial is the real deal. Another business or organisation has put their hand on their heart and said that you’re good, if not great even.

This sort of support can get contracts signed. And it’s half the price of a regular corporate video.


Selling complex products and services, in this instance a software development and productising consultancy service, can be made much easier using the digital media available, ie, web, multimedia and video.

> Use animation on your website to explain what you do

> KISS when you digitally present to clients

> Let your customers do the selling for you – use testimonial video

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