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Q: We’ve dabbled with Google Adwords pay per click and had no luck in the credit crunch. Our marketplace, car leasing finance, is too fiercely competitive. I’d like to believe ppc could work for us, but I have doubts.

All the same, I’d be prepared to hire a ppc management firm if I thought they could win quality sales leads for me. But how can I tell if they’re any good?

I accept there’s a credit crunch, and cars aren’t selling like they used to, and this has affected my industry, but I’d still like some clear direction on how to go forward with ppc and win more sales leads

Car Leasing Finance Company

A: Yesterday we looked at how creative keyword identification and diligent adword campaign management would kickstart more and better leads coming to your site, in spite of a credit crunch.

Today we’ll complete the Whole Strategy approach to winning sales leads and take a look at Landing Page solutions, and what they mean.

Develop Relevant Landing Pages

When a visitor clicks on your ad it’s because they think it will solve their unique problem.

So it’s obvious that you need to ensure that the web page they land on clearly shows a solution to that unique problem, otherwise they’ll consider it irrelevant and move on.

If your landing hasn’t a high enough relevance, then you need to develop a new landing page with more direct appeal to visitors with that particularly unique set of problems.

If you do this, then less visitors will bounce (leave without investigating further into your website), and more will convert to actual sales leads.

To grow your business it’s important to understand this key part of your online sales lead development strategy.

It’s also a case of stacking the odds as much in your favour as you can by developing landing pages that are optimised to that keywords search term for that particular problem.

For example, if a search is for “business leasing” don’t let them land on a page that is full of information of private car leasing, because it’s largely irrelevant, and visitors will show you this by bouncing at high rates.

Even when you have landing pages that work, you need to test alternatives, such as different headings, different placement of graphics, etc. All the time you’re looking to identify the winning formula for your landing pages.

Google has free website optimising utilities for implementing, monitoring and measuring landing page alternatives and their performance. And there are other 3rd party alternatives.

PPC Sales Leads – Summary

All this testing of keywords, ads, costs, variations and landing pages (and their variations) requires a professional approach. It’s more than dabbling.

Which is why companies hire professional pay per click management agencies to do this work for them.

There’s too much detail for a busy company director or manager to cope with successfully. It’s a job in its own right.

And while creativity is important to identify new ideas and approaches, it’s equally important to be diligent and keep monitoring and testing to best optimise the adword campaign.

PPC can deliver sales leads for your business. But a professional approach is needed for it to work.

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