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Q: I am working on a promotional project as part of my marketing brief and I am looking to identify a suitable production company to support this project.

We are a chemical process company located in Scotland, and selling to an international marketplace

We are particularly interested in a promotional video to show at important trade fairs and exhibitions for the benefit of our customers

I would be grateful if you could help us evaluate our options.

Contracts Manager
Chemical Process Company

A: As much as I enjoy making video productions I feel that a multimedia presentation would serve your needs best.


> FACT: Chemical companies have complex messages and always need longer rather than shorter programmes. Multimedia is cheaper and better than video for longer presentations – unless you have a “movie” budget!

> FACT: You’ll need a strong graphic element to compensate for the possible lack of
interesting video footage (endless shots of silos, pipes, process rooms and fork lift trucks?!!). Multimedia inherently has this graphic element. It can also make good use of your existing plant CAD, artwork and images.

> FACT: Multimedia is inherently flexible and potentially has a much longer shelf life than a video. In fact a video you make today could possibly be out of date in 12 months when your new plant in South East Asia comes onstream.

Having said this, there’s no reason not to shoot a few video clips of key areas, and include them within your multimedia presentation. We then call this a Multimedia Video.

Another point in favour of a more graphic multimedia approach is that you sell know-how and hi-tech, the latest and greatest in smart chemicals.

An animated high impact multimedia video will convey this smart hi-tech impression more readily than a video.

I know this from experience, as chemical plant videos can often end up as endless shots of steel pipes in 30 year old plant, which convey nothing of the hidden excellence that is hidden inside those very same pipes.

So do you choose a video or a multimedia for your promotion?

I’d suggest a multimedia offers you a lot more for the same money.

It will play from a laptop to a big screen for your exhibition and trade fairs, so there’s no real difference in how you deliver your promotional message to customers.

You can see multimedia examples here to get an idea of how dynamic a modern multimedia is

You can view industry footage from our new Marketing videos here

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