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Q: We’re a small but fast growing security company on the M25 and we need a professional presentation to get our message across better.
We need to show all the different security services we offer, as well as why customers should choose us. The presentation also has to look more professional than the one we’re currently using, and it has to fit in with the recent company redesign of our website.

What do you suggest?

Security Company

A: Needing a professional multimedia presentation usually spells one of two things:

1 – Your current powerpoint presentation isn’t impressing anyone anymore

2 – You’re moving up a gear as a company and doing better business with bigger better clients

Let’s look at both of these factors:


Powerpoint presentation isn’t impressing anyone anymore


Consumers, whether business buyers or the public, look for style and design. It goes hand in hand with credibility.

The days where a series of cobbled together bullet points will do is fast disappearing.

What we’re also seeing on the technology front is the emergence of lots of multimedia presentation alternatives to powerpoint.

But although the technology has improved, the fundamental element missing from most presentations is great design.

A professional design will almost certainly guarantee a professional presentation.


Because it doesn’t matter how good the design on the first slide is if the same slide keeps repeating all the way throughout the presentation.

Human beings need variety or they go to sleep.

Which spells out having different but related designwork on each page of the presentation.

This is what makes an impact on audiences. Variety.

This is the standard that I personally think makes a professional presentation.

Here are some presentation designs to look


Doing better business with bigger better clients


It’s great when a company starts doing better business with better clients. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

But bigger better clients are no longer impressed with same/old/same/old, which includes your presentation, which they see as a direct reflection of your credibility.

And credibility is all.

Bigger better clients demand bigger better presentations. They’ve almost become “proof of credibility” statements.

This usually means more design, and making more use of multimedia such as animation, while using less repetition.

It means making a professional presentation, where every statement and claim is carefully thought through for its effectiveness, then matched off with a piece of great design that brings out the meaning of the statement.




Is it worth it?


This is the £64,000 questions and the answer is “of course it’s worth it”.

Winning bigger and better accounts is one of the main ways that small companies make the leap from being small companies to getting listed on the stock market.

It’s how directors make bigger bonuses, or key employees enjoy greater profit sharing.

Think about it: A company can spend months building up to the big presentation.

And in the short hour that you’re allotted, you have to make the most of everything.

A professional presentation plays a big part of this.

This applies to all companies not just rapidly expanding security companies.

Hopefully this answers some of the doubts abouts about the need for professional multimedia presentations.


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