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Q: Need to know if you can do a professional powerpoint presentation for me? I have most of the information required for the presentation.
Can you tell me cost of doing this or what is needed in order for a cost to be given?


Business Development Manager
Medical Products Company

A: We can produce a professional powerpoint, but as a rule we prefer to use more sophisticated multimedia software than powerpoint.

This because powerpoint presentations often come out with the same “me-too” look as everyone else’s powerpoints. Our clients usually are looking for something outstanding that will both impress and inform.

Here are five pointers on the differences between powerpoint and pro multimedia software:

> Multimedia software has exceptionally high quality text animation, which looks impressive onscreen.

> Multimedia software can animate pictures and images onscreen, which brings presentations to life in a way that powerpoint cannot achieve.

> The same applies to any video clips you may want to include. Multimedia software can play video in different shapes and sizes to suit the design needs of the page. It can also have play and pause buttons. Powerpoint, by contrast, usually just plays the video, without any great style.

> Multimedia software can also include voiceover, activated in perfect sync, bullet point by bullet point. This is especially useful when a voiced version of a presentation is required, usually for giving out to clients as a Talking Brochure.

While powerpoint can include voiceover, it can’t handle it in the precise way required for a natural-sounding flow synced to captions.

> A multimedia is flexible and can be used to launch short external powerpoints which may be needed to explain some part of a particular deal, or schedule, or specification. This is very useful as it allows a multimedia to be localised using a powerpoint template that has the look and feel of your corporate style.

Importantly, these extra PowerPoints, that can be launched during a multimedia presentation, can be produced quickly by a salesperson, using templates, fonts and images that are ready- provided for this purpose.

This allows presentation flexibility without having to run the whole show in powerpoint.

There are lots of other reasons for choosing to have a presentation produced using multimedia software rather than powerpoint.

For the record our multimedia software of choice is Opus Professional.

Here are some examples of multimedia presentations to give clear visual idea of why multimedia is better than powerpoint

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