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Q: We want a corporate video for our clients so they can survey our facilities and get a greater understanding into how we manufacture our industrial computer network products.

We want our customers to be able to view our video online at any time as well as send Blu-ray copies or USB sticks to some of our clients.

What we’re looking for is a stylish, persuasive corporate video which gives our customers a real insight into what we do.

I realise you’ll need a lot of information about our production methods and business so we’ll happily play our part in the production process.

Frankly, this is the first time I’ve been seriously involved in a corporate video production and will need all the assistance and expertise you can provide.

Brand and Marketing Manager
UK Division
International Manufacturer

A: Firstly let’s break down your question and try to guide you through what your corporate video should be looking to achieve.

Use of Graphics

It’s clear a corporate video with your objectives will rely heavily on animated graphics, these will show the process and workings of the network solutions you provide.

Using animation you could display the flexibility of your products and how your network products respond to extreme conditions.

Would your clients be impressed if your network products could survive water, heat, cold or violent vibration damage?

Remember, explaining what your products can do doesn’t have the same impact as showing what they can do. A picture speaks a thousand words.

The use of animated graphics in a corporate video says something about your products & solutions and the skill used to develop them?

It sends out a strong message about just what you can achieve.

Corporate Video Shooting in Factory Conditions

How do you demonstrate your facilities – where you manufacture your products?

One of the biggest concerns is lighting, as most factories are too dark or do not give a flattering light on film.

So when filming standard equipment might include:

  • 2,000 watt pro Arri lights
  • 600 watt Red Head lights

With these a dingy factory floor can be turned into a relatively stunning and immaculate production facility.

Be aware that you will need to inform your electricians to provide power supply with 13 amp square pin connectors.

Factory-scale lighting will be used with coloured gels to alter or to filter some of the light.

For instance, to give an “imagey look” some lights could use a yellow filter, giving a softer tone, or adding further illumination to a more sombre looking part of the facility.

A touch of yellow will cheer the place up!

Likewise in a laboratory or research and development facility you could give the corners some red or green light reinforcing a hi-tech or futuristic ambience.

Clever and innovative ways of using light reflect well on your factory and your personnel – and your corporate video.

That is not where it ends though.

After all the footage is taken back to the studio for post production, the editor can colourise, tint and/or add slow motion, giving a bespoke feel, a unique company look, in line with your brand.

These are the same successful techniques employed in TV ads.

It’s like you can Photoshop your corporate video!

Not only does the use of this technology make your corporate video look better, it lends to the visual integrity and richness of the viewer experience.

What is your corporate video saying about you?

When creating a factory corporate video you need to keep four core ideas at the forefront of your thinking Brevity, Style, Bigness and Content.


For busy managers or clients – they want a quick synopsis.

Be direct and do not overload them with too much, or needless, information.

Your video is not a chronicle of what you’ve done, but a demonstration of what you can do for your customers right now. So keep it tight.


It is imperative you have style. Today this has never been more obvious.

It’s a competitive marketplace and you want to stand out from crowd.

If you don’t someone else will.


You want to be able to show your facility is capable of taking on any competitor, no matter how large.

It is important not to be overshadowed.

Your corporate video can do this for you through high quality production and well-shot footage.


Many factory-based corporate videos fall in to the trap of losing focus on what’s important, what is absolutely essential; that is what you produce and give to your consumer.

You need to show why your customer should order from you.

Communicate what is unique in your business or production methods – and solution – that stands out.

Here are some script examples:

  • If you are showing your production line then… Close monitoring of our production capability allows us the flexibility to despatch stock to you in just 24hours.
  • If you are showing your design department then… Our designers can tailor the specification to suit your factory and individual production processes.
  • If you are showing a customer round your factory then… We integrate our customers needs directly into our production. This is how we deliver excellence.


Usually it’s possible to film and get all the necessary interior shots of your facility within a day’s filming.

Most projects will only need a video director and camera op on the ground, so costs are kept to a minimum, and your corporate video doesn’t have to swallow all your marketing budget.

The main area you want to invest with your corporate video is animation.

Using animated graphics will show how your network products operate, and also show their resilience and versatility in response to external conditions and possible accidents or threats. Something close to a “failsafe” graphic demonstration?

With animation you could show possible future expansion of the client network, and demonstrate how they respond to changes during their lifespan. Show a 2011 – 2014 development model.

This area may require extra investment but you’ll reap the rewards of a concise demonstration to customers, showing what’s great about your production processes and exactly why your network products and services are superior.

Your corporate video producer will provide your internet mp4 video file, and deliver as DVD and Blu-ray for exhibitions and large presentations, as well as wmv for usb memory sticks, all of which will be incorporated into the cost of making your corporate video.

You might even ask for a 60 second cut of the main corporate video to play on Facebook and youtube.

Your corporate video should be able to show your facility’s potential for a reasonable budget.

© Studio Rossiter 2011


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