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Q: We are looking to produce 5 minute success story videos.

Yes, for some successful business stories we like to produce videos. We have so far done 10 and will soon be looking to do more. They are put on the company website and produced on DVD’s for use at events, presentations etc.

Marketing Manager
International Venture Capital Group

A: Yesterday we looked at how common errors in runtime and message were made when streaming corporate video

Today, we’ll take a look at the positives you can do to ensure your streamed video gets viewed, that the message is absorbed, and that the viewer acts on the message.

Here they are:

4 Key Pointers

1 – Develop an Effective Structure
Think of a case study document, or other business document, you might send. It would have clear headings, objectives and deliverables. A streamed video is no different. It has to be presented in an effective format for online viewing.

2 – Use Charts to support Key Data
When people on video talk about numbers and performance improvements, visual charts will allow the audience quickly grasp this more quickly and more memorably (a picture speaks a thousand words).

This is important as web viewers are all to prone to switch off if you boggle them with “number talk”

3 – Reduce the Runtime
Whether people are online or at a conference, they want the key facts delivered quickly. This applies all the more so when marketing to women, who ITV advertising research reveals “want it quick and concise with minimal waffle” (source: Rethink Pink Conference 2005)

Many of the corporate videos we now produce at Studio Rossiter are 2 minutes or less, and our clients welcome this return to brevity. This is not just brevity with their online corporate videos, but their DVDs too. Nineties means long, Noughties means brief.

4 – Have a Clearly Defined Goal
When someone watches your video online it’s a precious thing, it’s a business opportunity. So what is the viewer expected to do after viewing? Watch another video? Go elsewhere? Do what?

At Studio Rossiter we end all our online videos with a definite call to action. By using Flash video to stream (as apart from Windows Media or Quicktime) a call to action can easily and cheaply be programmed in. When we first did this we saw an immediate increase in website goal activity. This is crucial, as your web goals are the whole purpose of your website (If your website doesn’t have measurable goals then start thinking about it – fast!)

These days we wouldn’t think of streaming video any other way – without a call to action at the end.

Hopefully over yesterday and today you’ll have gained some additional insight into how to make corporate videos more effective when streamed over the web. The article isn’t intended to be all-embracing, but I feel it does help point the way in the exciting new area of streaming corporate video online.

Yesterday we linked to marketing video samples. Today here are some training video samples to view

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