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Are you thinking “If people could understand your software, they’d buy more”?

Are you having trouble explaining a new type of software or showing the benefits of an essential update?

Then you haven’t heard the BIG NEWS!

Studio Rossiter are releasing a software video package to suit every budget!

The videos will not only be emailed to you but they can be made in a week!

And they are affordable, with three different packages to suit every budget:


The options are:

  • A 30 second teaser

Short and simple video that is based on a screen capture of your app or service. Great if all your product needs is a platform to ‘spread the word’.

  • A 2 minute and more detailed video, starting from £1,945

If you are willing to make more of an investment, then you can get a video that truly shows your software in its full working glory!

  • An entire software video network, from £2500

The full monty! Two or more videos of up to 3 minutes each! All of which will be interactively linked!

More information on this unique offer can be found here

What a software video with Studio Rossiter will bring

Studio Rossiter have been making professional, high quality sales videos for 26 years.

They have a wide range of clients, all have which have benefited from

  • A professionally written script – that is approved by the client before production
  • A professional storyboard – that is approved by the client before production
  • A professionally made video – that is approved by the client before going live

And remember, all of this can be done in a week! That’s a week to make a video that will also include:

  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Captions
  • Professional Voice Over

A professional software video that is affordable and suited to your tastes and requirements.

Studio Rossiter will show your software for what it really is! A ground breaking game changer that no company, large or small, can live without!

DATE OF ISSUE: 15.01.12

If you use any of the information contained in this, please email victoria on to inform.


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