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Q: We’re an environmental treatment company that remediates contaminated land using a unique patented process.

We’d like some help developing our presentation to the next level. We’re currently using Powerpoint but feel it’s losing it’s impact.

What do you suggest?

New Business Development Manager
Land Remediation Group

A: Many companies are now looking to external presentation services companies to develop their core scope and capability presentation.

I’ll assume your audiences are potential clients and champions in meetings, at exhibitions and seminars, and via your website

The important point is to keep your presentation short.

Learn to say less, in order to say more.

This is the big problem with many Powerpoints. They’re bloated, and lack discipline, which funnily enough shows a lack of respect for the very clients they’re intended to impress!

I’d suggest designing a core of 7 multimedia slides that focus on convincingly and stylishly outlining your core capability.

Here’s a Checklist of Key Features that a professional presentation design services company can offer, and that you should look for when specifying:

> Each slide in the presentation should be original animated artwork, music and captions. This approach will compel audiences to pay attention

> Each slide should be accompanied by professional voiceover, ensuring the best possible repeatable message and consistent delivery

> Allow for an autoloop version for exhibition stands

> Include buttons for launching additional powerpoints on demand

> You’ll need a matching powerpoint template designed for this, and a library of 50 or so high quality images, This will allow you to show specific case studies etc in a matching style to the main presentation

> Consider producing all this as a flash video for streaming on your new website

> You’ll need a full professional script & storyboard service too

> The presentation will obviously need to conform to your corporate style.

This should be ample for showing your unique environmental remediation process, vis a vis its sustainability, and its superiority to competitors. Land remediation is big business. It’s good to have a winning patented technology for this.

Here’s supplementary information on presentation services

Suggested Production Method

The method is an important part of the presentation service, so here’s a suggested structure for your project:

> 1st Meeting: Brainstorm bullet point content; Schedule project. Script will be submitted for comment / approval

> 2nd Meeting: Confirm visuals & production logistics. Storyboard will be submitted for comment / approval

> Artwork concept submitted for approval. Studio production can commence

> Rough Cut Meeting: The almost complete business presentation submitted for comment / approval

> Final Delivery of multimedia cd, flash video and on-body artwork. Subsequently you can arrange duplication

The above approach will almost certainly deliver you a presentation better than anything your competitors are using.

It’s smart to shop for presentation services instead of doing it all yourself with Powerpoint.

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