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Retail Training Video

This headline begs the question: What is the perfect video?

I’ll take a stab and define this for you.

The perfect video is the video that delivers exactly the right amount of information that a customer or staff member needs to see.

One more time.

The exact amount of information that the viewer needs to see.

Which immediately brings us up against the problem of exactly what is the right amount of information.

And the answer is that it’s different for every viewer.

Awkward but true. We’re all different.

This is where interactive modular DVD steps in.

With an interactive modular DVD you organise your video content into small separate modular segments, that allow the view to choose.

For example, when producing a company scope & capability video (commonly known as a Corporate Video), instead of endlessly debating what to leave in the video and what to exclude, why not include it all?

Have it all!

For example, you could organise your DVD main menu to look like this:

> Intro to our organisation

> What we deliver

> Our processes and how we deliver

> What our customers think

> What our team say

> Option to Play All

Doesn’t this look more constructive and appealing than simply playing a single linear video that tries to be a jack of all trades and master of none?

The benefits of this interactive modular approach are:

> Customers can go directly to the areas they’re most interested without having to sit through what they consider to be waffle (perhaps content inappropriate to their needs is better than waffle!)

> Once intrigued by one module, customers are much more likely to look at other modules from the menu.

> Instead of treating the customer like a dumb brute who has to sit through your whole story regardless of their prefered needs, you treat them with respect by offering them choices, options, and possibilities.

The downside is that this approach will cost you more.

But it doesn’t have to be that much more.

A well planned interactive DVD production can cost maybe one and half times as much as a single production, with a little bit extra added on for DVD authoring.

But it’ll do three times the job.

So to plan your perfect video, you have to start thinking about using the power of interactive DVD, modular DVD.

You can find out more about our DVD production services here

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