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Let’s start off by being deliberately controversial:

Most group corporate videos never get played and are a waste of money. Discuss

With this inflammatory statement in mind, how do you ensure your group corporate video is a big success, that it gets willingly and regularly played throughout your divisions, and that it really is an excellent communications tool?

We need to look at this from three standpoints

> The difference between a group corporate video and other marketing videos

> Who plays the group corporate video and when

> Developing storylines that will make the group corporate video shine

If we can come up with satisfactory answers for these three points, then perhaps the opening statement about group corporate videos being a waste of money might not be true.

Let’s examine the issues one by one.

The Differences between Group Corporate and other Marketing videos

A divisional marketing video is produced for a definite purpose, ie, to play to customers and potential customers to demonstrate scope & capability, or highlight what the customer can expect in deliverable terms. It also serves to make the division look impressive.

It is usually played at major presentations, but can be played at any suitable customer touch point, such as a rep visit, or included with a brochure pack, or given to customer Champions to play to their colleagues to help convince them.

Likewise with product and other promotional videos. They have a specific purpose, which is to convince the customer about a given proposition.

We can see that marketing videos have specific purposes and objectives in mind.

By contrast, a group corporate is not so clearly defined or targeted.

Obviously it has to show the scope of the group. But too often this can come out like a list of bullet points highlighting divisional IDs.

And where does it go from there? And who plays it?

Read on or view some samples


2016 Guide to Digital Marketing



Who plays the Group Corporate video and when?

The group corporate will get a few plays during the year at hospitality events.

By hospitality events I mean occasions where you have a friendly audience, usually customers, and often they’ve all had a drink. On these occasions it will be a case of either preaching to the converted, or reinforcing group strength and values to the near-converted.

Outside of hospitality events it’s up to the divisions when they play the group corporate video.

More specifically, it’s usually down to customer-facing reps when to play the group corporate.

I know from experience that many reps don’t bother with the group corporate video.

Typical reasons given are:

> It’s too long and I don’t have the time to play it

> It’s not specific enough, too general for my purposes

> It talks too much about other divisions which don’t interest my customer.

But to be fair, the group corporate video does play a part in helping to convince the customer of the strength of the group.

This can be crucial when:

> The customer is about to place a large order and wants to be sure there is backup

> Where the order may involve considerable change or investment. Again the customer needs the reassurance of group strength.

> When there has been bad press, gossip or something has gone wrong, and customers need reassuring that there are ample resources backing the division.

In summary, we can see that Group Corporate videos are not quite so important as some people think, but they do have a definite role to play beyond providing edu-tainment at hospitality events.

Developing storylines that will make the group corporate video shine

Old school corporates focussed their storylines on how mighty they are.

New school corporates have a CSR agenda (corporate & social responsibility agenda).

Old school corporates disregarded the fact they chewed up the environment or used vast natural resources

New school corporates are keen to demonstrate how they reduce their environmental impacts.

Old school corporates focussed on gargantuan production figures

New school corporates focus more on how the beneficially impact on the lives of people and communities.

Old school was Pomp & Circumstance.

New school is Strength & Compassion

Developing these new school messages will make the Group look like a benevolent giant rather than a massive predator or a vain emperor.

To take these new school messages and make them useful for the divisional rep who regularly talks to customers and would like to use the group corporate video more effectively, we need to drastically reduce the runtime.

A rep hasn’t got 8 minutes to spare playing “group stuff”.

But they do have 2-3 minutes.

So produce a 2-3 minute version that reps can use in a practical way.

Then produce a second version, probably more television/corporate documentary-like with VIP speeches, for hospitality events where runtime is not such an issue. This video could be 10 minutes, if desired.

It’s a challenge to produce a group corporate in 2-3 minutes, as so many notable achievements have to be left out.

But on the positive side, the points that are left in will shine all the more for such careful pruning.


> Consider how to appeal to the divisional rep

> Produce 2 versions – one for the rep and another for hospitality events

> Demonstrate Strength & Compassion, and avoid boasting

Planning a Group Corporate video is a new skill. If produced properly it will add value to the group, and be a popular, regularly-played video throughout the divisions.

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