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If you’re marketing into other countries then there’s now an additional dimension to what you do, compared to marketing locally in your home country

– because your returns will potentially be on a bigger scale

– and you’ll have a lot of different issues to contend with, not least of which is language.

To follow are 5 questions you need to answer to ensure you win your video budget, make an effective plan, and reach all the right customer touch points.


Who needs a foreign video

Who needs to use video marketing on an international scale?

The simple answer is anyone who: 

  • isn’t just a local business
  • is capable of delivering internationally
  • whether digitally, or by freight, or through specialist consultants
  • and has probably made a marketing video before.

You might be a manufacturer, bank, constructor, software & systems, financial, petrochem, government, retailer, healthcare and more.

The world is shrinking and you want your company to be there.


1 – What’s your video objective?

Whether you’re seeking to win high value contracts in the Middle East, or penetrate new Far East markets, or extend your scope to neighbouring countries, you need to have a clear objective in mind.

Write this down.


2 – Who’s your audience?

Are they C Level, senior management, engineers or technicians, office managers or business owners? Or all of these?

Write it down.

What language do they speak – and do you need to produce your marketing video in their language?

And will you do this with full localisation so the video looks like it was made local to them 

– or will they be satisfied with captions-only video?

What’s their culture? 

Are they a price-conscious culture, do they permit women to drive, are they technically more advanced, do they have strange rules, do they like flashy video, or prefer a more conservative approach?

Find a few simple words to personify their culture.

And what do they know about you already? If it’s nothing then write “nothing”. It’ll help later.

The clearer the picture you have of your target audience the more effectively you’ll be able to shape your video message.


Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


3 – Who’s on your team?

You’re going to need help to produce your video, so who do you need on your team?

Maybe someone from IT, or Quality, or Engineering or Corporate Communications, or your CEO, or HR or Safety? 

Or maybe your overseas representative or agent? Or a friendly customer?

With the right people on your side, you increase the odds in your favour.

Identify the people you need.


4 – what video style will work best for your vision?

A video style can be based on many things:

  • will you need location filming to deliver your message?
  • will library footage or existing video assets do instead?
  • will just voiceover do, or will you need a presenter as well?
  • What level of info graphics will you need?
  • Perhaps you want to animate the whole video as a 3D demonstration of your products in action, or perhaps you prefer an animated character which can be fun?

You can pick the style or combination of video styles based on your own intuitive vision. 

But you can also research what styles your target country likes.

For example, I recently discovered that flashy videos work well in China.

Pick the style that you think will work for your target country.


Here’s an example of a Russian marketing video


5 – What distribution mix do you need?

You’ll need to plan your video delivery channels in advance, so you cover all the useful customer touch points.

You may need any mix of:

  • Website delivery
  • Laptop, phone or tablet playback
  • Youtube and vimeo
  • Social media like Facebook or LinkedIn and others
  • DVD or Blu Ray when there are local bandwidth issues
  • Email or gated download/playback


Know your delivery mix in advance.



You’ll now have a 5 point list detailing:

1 – your video objectives

2 – your audience

3 – your team

4 – your preferred video style

5 – your distribution mix


This will help you: 

  • win any budget you need
  • plan your international marketing campaign
  • and help you brief your video production partner


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