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The final Part 6 of a helpful 6 part guide for any B2B marketer planning a profitable web video.

Contents today include:

  • Understand video runtime and cost
  • When to Sell – and when to Tell-not-Sell
  • How to make a video shorter – and win more
  • A summary of this 6 part series

Runtime & Cost

Cost and runtime go together. The longer a web video runs, the more it costs.

And we also know that the longer a video plays, the more likely it is that the customer will switch off and abandon.

With this in mind, it pays to take the view that scripts can almost always be trimmed by a quarter to a third.

Shortening scripts will ensure:

> The message has no unnecessary fat

> The video costs no more than it needs to

Please be aware that there are many exceptions to this broad approach.

When to Sell – and when to Tell-not-Sell

There are many good videos that are over 2 minutes in runtime.

For example, a “tell-not-sell” storyline often takes longer.

Tell-not-Sell applies when it’s important to educate your audience about the sophisticated product or service you sell.

Tell-not-sell is often the exception to the short runtime rule.

Big users of tell-not-sell are consultancies, outsourcing firms, new technology firms – any firm who needs to educate their audience into a new concept, or new twist on market expectation.

Some of these organisations have produced exemplary animated web videos.

But they often take 4-6 minutes to do it.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if a large amount of web video viewers switched-off as they passed the 4 minute mark.

So how did do companies arrive at 4-6 minute runtimes for their web videos?

It happens in 2 ways:

> The Client thinks it takes a long time to explain their wonderful, unique service. Often there is a “body of client” making this decision, eg, too many people want their say in the video.

> The Web Video Company is comfortable taking the money for the long video. After all, what’s the percentage in arguing with a client who feels they need to deliver a long message?

For the rest of us, the take-home message for runtime and cost is you can always make a shorter video if you try.

How to make a video shorter

To make your video shorter, you should:

> Eliminate any repetition

> Cut out speeches and replace them with voiceover – which is always crisper & shorter

> Match each script line against the key differentiators – then delete those those lines that aren’t clearly differentiating.

> Challenge each script line and ask “does my customer really need to know this in order to buy or complete the contact form?”

> If you need to say a lot, then make 2 shorter videos of 2.5 minutes each

It’ll pay you to make the video shorter, as it’ll statistically ensure more viewings-to-the-end.

And this will deliver more profit.


Here’s the take-home summary from this 6 part series on Planning a B2B web video production – for profit.

An engaging video will win for you – but it must be engaging.

Think like a customer coming in from Google. Don’t stop doing this

Generally, the bigger and more prominent the video, the more people will see. Never just assume they’ll watch.

If necessary be prepared to modify your website to maximise video payback.

Storyline is everything. So be certain any prospective web video producer can demonstrate that they understand your business. Ask them for a 30-60 second trial script.

Does your storyline deliberately engage those who are ready-to-buy, or those more generally interested in exploring and learning about your brand. Know the difference, as you can increase your profit.

Reducing costs by reducing runtime is a good way forward. Less is usually more.

Know when to sell – and when to tell-not-sell.

Last thought: There are many topics we haven’t covered in this 6 part series, not least phone and ipad display, or the different video styles available to choose from.

But hopefully. the series contains enough valuable information to increase your profitability from using web video.

Thank you for reading Part 6 of Planning a B2B web video production for profit.

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