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A helpful 6 part guide for any B2B marketer or web video buyer wishing produce a profitable video.

We already know the web is full of videos that failed to deliver the returns that were hoped for.

Everything in this 6 part series is aimed at showing you how to get it right – how to plan your video so it delivers more direct sales – or more leads and enquiries.

If you follow the tips and ideas outlined over the series, you’ll maximise profit-generating power of your web video.

The contents of this 6 part series include:

  • Understanding the basics – the value of web video
  • The customer experience – or “getting inside their heads”
  • Video location on the web page – and why it matters more than you think
  • Why it’s absolutely critical to understand Bounce Rate
  • Deciding the best way to display your web video
  • Good and bad examples of video display
  • The Money Maths of web video production budgets
  • How to work with your web developer – so they understand exactly what you want
  • What happens to a customer once they click on your video?
  • Figuring out the winning storyline that actually converts – and not merely creates interest
  • Balancing video runtime & cost
  • When to “sell”, and when to “tell-not-sell”
  • How to make your video generate desire

The Value of Web Video

The basic assumptions are that a profitable web video will deliver:

> an increase in your level of enquiries,

> an increase the viewer’s desire to explore your brand more favourably.

Whether you work in hi-tech, manufacturing, business services or any other B2B sector, either of the above deliverables will generate real business value for your company.

The next question you have to ask yourself is:

“How much will a web video increase sales compared with our existing rich media slide show or banner web page graphic?”

Recent statistics show this increase as high as

” … an engaging video creates a 250% greater likelihood of buying or exploring the brand”,

to as low as

“… a 54% greater chance of purchase, enquiry or favourable engagement with the brand”.

The point is that either of these statistics make 2 conclusions clear –

1: Video will increase sales and enquiries

2: The video must be engaging for it to work.

But there’s more to it than this, obviously.

Your video must be displayed prominently where it can be clearly seen – because if it isn’t seen by as many visitors as possible, then you won’t get the maximum benefit from your superior video message.

Contrast this with sites that have a great video – yet position it half out of sight, or so small it almost needs a magnifying glass to spot.

So let’s start by looking more closely at the customer experience – their point of view.

The Customer Experience

The next stage of Planning a B2B Web Video Production for Profit is to examine the customer experience, and discover what’s relevant – and what’s irrelevant – to them.

We all know The Customer Experience is the only point of view that counts.

And the customer experience usually starts with a search engine – and a problem they have.

Typically, they type in a keyword relevant to their problem – the keyword to your products or services, and quickly get a page of search results, including your link.

You need to consider that a business customer who’s ready to buy might open 6 tabs from a search listing – you and 5 of your closest competitors.

Quite quickly, they’ll narrow this down to 2 or 3 tabs – two or three possible suppliers they’ll look at.

Ideally you want them to focus immediately on your website – your tab – as their first port of call.

You already know this – which is why you’re considering producing a web video – to increase your chances of a sale or enquiry compared with a competitor.

So what matters next – from the customer point of view …

– is how well your video is displayed on the page.

In Part 2 we’ll review the location on your web page that you want to insert your video.

And we’ll consider the different ways your completed video can be displayed on the page – the choices you have in alerting your customer that “here’s a great web video – please watch it” – which isn’t necessarily as obvious as you may think it is.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of Planning a B2B web video production for profit.

You can view more information and video samples on web video production here

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