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Q: We’re looking to make a series of online video productions to promote our teacher evaluation software.

Our system has a low monthly cost, completely eliminating consulting firm development fees.

School Principals simply click or provide a narrative related to seven standards of good teaching. Following our predefined standards takes the bias out of teacher evaluations, thus supporting and justifying a Teacher Merit Pay system and eliminating Teacher Seniority systems.

Please advise us how we can implement a series of online video productions to promote our software online.

Software developer
Los Angeles

A: Online video productions offer a wide range of possibilities, all of which are worth considering as they each have different roles to play in the different stages of the online purchase. I’ve commented below on the main approaches.

For your website, I’d initially recommend a VidShort, an innovative animated web video style you can learn about here:

VidShorts are ideal for landing pages and home pages, where you need a quick teaser video to:

  • Stop visitors from bouncing. Make them watch.
  • Quickly and engagingly relate to their problem
  • Motivate them to take action, such as ask for a software demo, or enquire.

This style of Video Short is highly regarded by professional internet marketers, as it creates sales many times over its initial price. It’s creative and engaging.

As well as a Video Short, you might also consider producing a couple of professional testimonial case study videos, so your sales prospects can see for themselves what existing users think. Short video case studies are another form, of testimonial that audiences show an interest in.

Hearing existing customers always carries more weight than hearing you say it. Online testimonial videos can work effectively on your order page to rally those who might otherwise hesitate.

You can learn more about testimonial video production

Over and above this, you may want to produce a talking heads video of your CEO giving a brief company overview, and perhaps a statement of direction or intent, or new developments. Avoid corporation-speak, and keep it simple. This style of video will support your About Us page, which is always a well visited page for the web visitor who intends to buy.

Information on Talking Head videos here

Last but not least, you’ll need Camtasia-produced videos of your software as demos, with an Overview followed by 3 or 4 specific area explanations of your software, plus key messages. Keep these short to 3-4 minutes each. If you have a larger topic, break it into smaller parts. Importantly Camtasia video productions don’t involve cameras – so they’re easy, and therefore lower cost.

All the above represents a comprehensive online video production strategy for an online software marketer.

You’ll need to discuss the details with your web video producer to arrange research scripting, storyboarding, filming, lighting, graphics, editing, captions, voiceover, audio, music and and suchlike. Shooting should be kept simple and to a minimum, filmed against white screen to reduce studio costs. Don’t fall into the trap of shooting any live event you may participate in, or awkward locations.

Delivering your different productions should be on mp4 format (which is HD264 technology), which works on every player. Flash video was important in 2008 and 2009, but is increasingly long in the tooth, and of a lesser quality.

You’ll also need to talk to a video SEO specialist to ensure your online video productions get high search rankings. For example you could also post on youtube and vimeo (which are free), and any other content distribution network relevant to your area, especially being featured in school and education networks, other links, even business tv. You may even consider advertising in some of these sites. Go for a strong brand presence.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can show your product to the world.

In 2010 online video productions are the way forward to sell or communicate any software. including a schools management system.

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