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We have just released a brand new 9 point primer to introduce you to the world of web video production.

We’ve taken all the questions that are commonly asked and given clear, simple answers.

We’ve covered a range of topics within web video, from video length, to what to do once a video is online. And we hope you find it useful.

Of course the PDF guide is richly illustrated with images to help you visualise and remember what’s been said.

Here’s the B2B buyers guide to Web Video Perfection contents in a nutshell:

Web Video Production For Dummies – Intro

Deciding your web video runtime – and knowing when to shut up

Choosing your video’s position on the page – or making it visible to customers

Determining your video budget – or how little do I need to spend

Filming web video – or not even filming at all

How many videos do you need – no one ever needs just one!

Adding your creative input to a video – having your say

Promoting your web video – telling the world for free

Measuring your web video’s success – how well are you really doing?

Web video delivery, hosting & players – the 19 point checklist

Web video production terms explained

Click below to download!


We hope you find it useful, and that your next web video is a true success!

If you’ve got any more questions about web video production, do please write to us here.


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