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Presenting your stats – the easy way

Many of our clients need an effective method of presenting their hard earned stats in a compelling way.

In response to this we have developed a new product to do just that – Infographic Video. Not everyone has a visible product or process they can show with n easy explainer video – so this is whre you show your proof of claim with an infographic. 

What is an Infographic Animation?

Studio Rossiter starts the production process by analysing you – and your competitors – to find out where you have the winning edge.

Our script writers then take your differentiators and develop them into a facts based video script.

Next up, our graphics team develop an illustrated storyboard to explain your stats – clearly and concisely.

When all the prep is complete we make your video!

And as we involve you at every stage – you can be sure that you’ll get the video you need.

So there’s no need to risk forgetting important info next time you pitch to a potential client.

– Just show them your Infographic Video

Here’s some examples of what you could do with your  infographic animations:


See the Infographic Animation page for more details



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