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Q: Your response to my emarketing website query doesn’t surprise me!

Looking at the type of company you have developed i understand your response totally.

I do appreciate the advice you have given me. It is all very new to me, but at the same time very interesting.

I will set something up within the limited budget I have and try and maximise it as much as possible for the time being.

It doesn’t change the fact that of all the companies I have looked into yours just had a refreshing difference.

Because your site had that type of impact on me I obviously believe it would have the same benefit to my commercial audience.

As you obviously understand you just cannot afford certain expenses when you are setting up.

Could you give me some advice on how much I should be spending on a basic start up website, and whether it is best to have a go at it myself, or use a company to get me up and running.

This isn’t an area that I am very strong in so I would like someone to take care of to be honest as I do appreciate its importance.

Thanks again and thanks for your honesty – that’s how I operate myself.

Managing Director
Recruitment Agency Startup

A: Thanks for the kind words.

The crux of what you’re asking is “How do I get an emarketing site as cheaply as possible?”

Fair question. I’ll do my best to answer.

A smart budget approach might be to consider building the website in 4 different stages, using different web services as required.

> The design look

> the coding

> the content

> the marketing


The Design Look

Hire the best designer you can afford to design a website look that you feel reeks of class, but is still practical.

This will give you credibility with clients.

Shop around for this. Be choosy, take your time til you get a great job for a great price.

The delivered result will be a Photoshop image of how your website home and main inner pages should look.

The Coding

Don’t be talked into letting the designer code the site. They’ll be expensive.

Instead hire a separate coder to code the site. This can be bought cheap if you shop around, maybe a student.

But don’t be talked into letting the coder do the design as coders are usually naff designers.

Give the coder the pro design to work from

Warn the coder you’ll be picky and want it pixel perfect, so that later when you nitpick they can’t say they didn’t expect this

This will deliver you a classy looking site pixel perfect for a lot less than buying one from me.

The Content

Ensure the coder provides you a user friendly interface (called a CMS) so you can add/amend/delete pages, and poss change sidebar menus.

And an hour of training to get your started adding pages.

Be sure you can comfortably add/amend/delete before you pay the coder as they’ll be gone once they’ve got your money.

Then populate the site with your knowledge.

The Marketing

Sign up for Google University.

It’s free and you’ll learn how to emarket your website.

And budget too.

Google University mightn’t be the end the journey for you, but it’ll make a great start and lead to other things.

Hopefully the above info will help you develop your own emarketing website for a little as possible, yet still have the look and feel of a much more expensive website.

© Studio Rossiter 2008

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