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Q: I’m looking to set up a good standard professional looking website for my new recruitment business which I intend to startup in the New year.

My aim is to centre my marketing around the site by

> Direct mail publicity

> Email notification of the website

Then try and capture as many e-mail addresses as possible to develop a good network of interested prospects that an autoresponder could look after.

I am looking for something that can be set up to grow in magnitude with the business growth.

I have analysed my competition and believe they are all very weak in this area so i hope to gain a competitive edge in this area.

As a new startup i will be working on a shoestring budget in the early days so a 5k budget is not what we will be looking at initially anyway.

Managing Director
Recruitment Agency Startup

A: Thank you for your letter which is very interesting and different from the typical corporate enquiries we receive here at the Studio Rossiter Q&A.

How startup an emarketing website with a tiny budget is the key question!

This is going to take muscle and stamina and a willingness to learn, as there’s no budget to pay for consultants, professional advisers or marketing services.

When I started out I learned everything myself. I had to as I couldn’t afford anything else.

I bought a course because it’s all I could afford, and got up an hour or two earlier every day to study.

It was the answer to the conundrum “anyone successful enough to help me has to be charging more than I can afford”

If I had to recommend a good book, then take a look at Brad Sugars books. He’s old skool, but very practical and effective.

Take a look at them and pick one. I still read Brad when I need ideas. Google his name for more info.

As to your idea that you can mind customers with auto-responders?

So runs the myth of CRM 😉

There is obviously merit in CRM, but the miracle of computerised delivery of clients and sales leads eager to buy is plain untrue, unless you have big bucks for big software and consultancy, or a very sophisticated level of knowledge in the subject of CRM.

The strength of an emarketing website, or any website, is its value to the customers in that niche.

So a good start is to populate your website with the sort of knowledge that potential customers will want to read.

If you add two worthwhile & useful articles a week, every week, then Google will start to notice you after about 3 months. Clients might too.

While you’re building up your SEO strength, a PPC (pay per click – Adwords) campaign will send interested traffic_sales leads_to your site.

Spend small at first and grow from there.

There are plenty of ebooks on how best to do start in pay per click emarketing, not least Google’s own Google university.

Part 2 continues tomorrow
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