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Q: I am formally writing to request permission to see if I can used a song that is on your website. I am doing a small video on Mountain Biking, and I wanted to use one of the songs on your website while I’m riding slow motion through the mountain bike trail.

It is not the flash animation that I want, it is the soundtrack music. If it is at all possible, I would like to see if I can purchase that music loop if you have it for sale.

Thank you in advanced for anything you can do for me, or pointing me in the right direction to getting the song

Mountain Bike Video Producer
North Carolina

A: This is a copyright song that the licence has been paid for.

It’s not a song I can grant permission for.

Legally, you’d be bootlegging if you used it.

The animation was designed so long ago that I no longer have a record of where the original music came from.

However there are a lot of sites offering soundtrack music where you can audition the tracks online.

Search on “corporate music” or “soundtrack music” and similar and you’ll see lots of them, many of which will have music suitable for slomo mountain biking.

Music production is offered in many ways in many different genres and styles, and quality standards.

Some music production companies offer single tracks available for download, while others offer a track package where 10 second, 30 second, 1 minute and 3 minute versions of the track are included.

Other music production companies offer whole cds with a dozen tracks as a pack.

Generally the more the you pay, the better the quality of the music.

For example the main theme will be more stirring or catchy and less repetitious, ie, there’s more gunpowder in the fireworks!

Nonetheless there are still $10 gems waiting to be discovered.

I commonly find that it takes half a day of auditioning sounds to find exactly the piece I need for a specific video or multimedia production, so don’t be surprised by how long it really takes to get it exactly right.

All the music tracks in these corporate video production took at least half a day to identify

Expect to pay anything from £10 to £50+ for a licence.

Don’t consider using a well known chart hit unless you have a budget of thousands.

Instead use your wits to discover a great unknown music track that you know will make a winner of your video production.


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