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Q: We are currently looking at various options to generate sales leads for our co. We have previously used search engine marketing and telemarketing but have not had any real success. E-Mail marketing has worked somewhat better for us.

Managing Director
Digital Telephone Equipment Company, Cheshire

A: Google AdWords is a very controllable route into emarketing and lead generation. You can start with a relatively small budget of a few hundred pounds a month and experiment until you find the right formula for you.

What the real cost for you is time, which is maybe a few days to get started, and then 30-60 minutes a day until you find your successful formula that brings you a reasonable number of leads for an acceptable cost.

Many companies try Adwords and come away thinking “they’re no good for us” because they make the usual common mistakes, and obviously don’t get the desired result.

Firstly they don’t research their keywords properly. They fail to appreciate the reason that people use Google in the first place is that they have a problem and they’re looking for a solution. If you design your ads around problem solving you’ll enjoy much greater success than if you simply describe to people what it is that you do.

Understandings people’s problems and knowing how to solve them in the context of a three line advert is a real skill, one we should all learn just because it’s desirable and we should.

The alternative is to have an agency do all this for you. For a few thousand pounds you can pay an agency to jumpstart your Adwords campaign, then take it over yourself once you feel more comfortable with it.

The complement to good online advertising is to have a good Landing Page. What’s the point of a great ad that directs customers to a home page cluttered with information about everything you do, rather than a dedicated Landing page that is specially designed to show a solution to the exact problem that your ad picked up on in the first place.

So consider your Landing Pages well. They need to be obvious and to the point, and subsequently direct the visitor to your almighty goal – the Contact Form where they can write to you in person and tell you their problems.

I hope this helps you take a fresh approach to emarketing, and makes you a winner.
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