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Q: I need a 5 min presentation to be used for field sales as well as a multimedia brochure that can be sent to clients.

Presentation will include sounds, video, pics and text.

I do have some basic ideas.

Managing Director
Chauffeur Company

A: Yesterday we looked at the reasons for needing a multimedia sales presentation or brochure.

Today we can look at some of the flexible options that multimedia delivers. These are all options that you’ll need now or soon.

Highly impressive looks
It’s a fact that great looks means greater credibility. If you need to impress big companies that you’re actually up to the job of delivering The Big Contract, you need to look like you’re more than capable.

A multimedia presentation will deliver this. It will look very impressive, and will make you look more credible in the eyes of big companies.

Talking and non-talking versions
Talking versions of multimedia are needed for sending in the post, or for giving to friends in target companies so they can make informal presentations on your behalf.

The Multimedia Approach has no problems delivering this.

Flexibility to adapt to different customers
A professional multimedia will comprise a core presentation with the option to show additional modules at the click of a button. So you can expand your presentation where required, such as to present contractual details, or a pricing schedule, or other particular areas of interest.

Combining all of these options results in a presentation that will deliver the best possible message for you – in virtually all circumstances.

But all this comes at a price, which is probably going to be double (or more) than what you might pay for a powerpoint.

So how do you mitigate paying double?

How can you calculate your pay-off?

Here are a few pointers to help you evaluate what a multimedia presentation is really worth to your company:

How much use will it get?
Calculate how many presentations you make in a year. It may be 12, or it might be 112, or maybe 1,012.

The more presentations you’re likely to make, the bigger the chance of pay-off.

How many big presentations do you make in a year?
Big presentations are where the big money accounts are won.

And this is usually where your competition is the stiffest.

But if you’ve got a great offering, then a multimedia presentation will make this offering look truly great in the minds of buyers.

Big accounts like to be impressed. They’d like to buy from you (otherwise you wouldn’t be invited to tender), but they need to be certain that you’re big and capable enough to replace the old monolith that you’re trying to get thrown out.

Big accounts need big-style presentations.

So calculate how many major presentations you need to make in order to achieve your new sales target.

Then consider how little a multimedia costs compared with the gains.

How much do Champions influence the decision to buy?
Champions, in case you don’t know, are people in target accounts who favour your bid, and will help to promote you.

Many business-to-business deals couldn’t exist without champions to clear the way first.

The problem starts when your champion opens their mouth!

They garble your message, or, they fail to answer their colleagues questions about you correctly, or, maybe they aren’t as well regarded as you’d like and are not seen as influential.

We solve this problem by giving your Champion a talking brochure presentation. From that point on they’re very unlikely to get your message wrong.

So calculate how many times Champions play a prominent role in the deals you win.

And also calculate how many more deals you’d win with better champions.

If you add up all the cost mitigators above, you’ll quickly discover that if you’re serious about growing your company, then a multimedia presentation will bridge many of the gaps between where you are today, and where you want to be next year.

Meanwhile, take a look a our multimedia gallery latest – Multimedia Presentation Gallery
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